I love lazy Sundays, they’re my favourite.  However it seems to be that my definition of ‘Lazy Sundays’ has changed somewhat in my 20’s.  In my teens, lazy Sunday’s meant lying in until 1pm (usually hungover), getting up and moving my duvet to the couch… and that was about it.  And whilst I still do that from time to time (because who can deal with a hangover any other way?) now I like to get the most out of my weekend.  Sundays now consist of me getting up at about 8:30/9am and I still consider that a lie in as I’m up and about by around 7:15am on a weekday.  Breakfast/Brunch is one of my favourite things to do at the weekend whether that is out at one of our favourite brunch spots, or at home.  I love cooking and I love that I have time on Sundays to spend cooking nutritious food.

If I’m on my own I’ll usually spend some of Sunday at the gym – it’s so quiet and I can get onto any of the machines I want and spend some time on the floor doing some free weights without it being too crowded.  If I’m with The Northerner, we’ll go for a walk to get some fresh air because I really hate being stuck inside all day.

I’m really into baking lately and we have a number of cookbooks that I like to rustle up tasty treats from.  We recently baked milk and white chocolate cookies and I love making brownies whenever I can.  I also love to cook a Sunday Roast for – I think I’m pretty good at them now!   If I’m not in a cooking mood but still craving a Roast we head over to one of our favourite Sunday Roast spots – Birmingham City Centre has some amazing pubs that offer a mouthwateringly good Roast dinner!

Of course there’s always some Netflix involved on Sunday.  Last Sunday I spent some time catching up on more episodes of ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ which is totally hilarious – what else would you expect from a show which is by the genius that is Tina Fey.  I usually spend some time blogging whilst I’m watching TV – very rarely do I JUST watch the television.  I have to be doing other things too.

Sunday usually ends with a pamper session – a bath, face mask and catching up on some of my favourite blogs and YouTube videos.  When I go to bed, I really like to feel like I’ve done ‘something’ with my day.  I still find this routine fairly relaxing but I enjoy being active too.  I feel rested to return to work and kick butt on Monday morning!  Sunday is fast becoming my favourite day of the week.

What do you do with your Sundays?