Blogging on the Go

Ok girls, if you’re a blogger you’ll know that sometimes, trying to leave the house can be a bit of a big deal.  Camera – check, phone – check, business cards – check, handbag full of a thousand things – check, laptop… ermmm ok where am I going to put all this?

There are times when I know I’ll want to blog while I’m out and about – like on the train to London for instance.  As much as I love my Macbook Air which I specifically bought for it’s lightness so I could blog on the go, sometimes my handbag just isn’t big enough for it… literally – and I really don’t want to carry around my laptop bag either.  Until recently blogging on my iPad been practically non-existant because I like to type on a keyboard and not tap away on the screen itself.  The Logitech Keys-To-Go* portable keyboard has answered all of my portable blogging prayers and has changed the way I blog when I just don’t have room for my laptop.

It’s so easy to use.  I hooks up to my iPad via bluetooth and it’s so light and easy to store.  It’s allowed me to use my time commuting constructively without the need to carry a super huge bag around.  It works with any generation of iPad and it’s waterproof – amazing when some fool in Starbucks knocks your Hot Chocolate all over you with their massive bag.  I managed to dash my iPad off the table relatively unharmed while the Logitech was soaked.  However it was perfectly fine after a wipe down and has worked with no problems ever since.  I’ve found the battery life to be around 2-3 hours and you can charge it using USB.  I already carry around a portable charger for my phone when I’m out the house on longer days so I just juice it up from that if necessary.

Overall the Logitech Keys-To-Go (RRP £54.99) has made me fall back in love with my iPad all over again.  It’s simple to use and most importantly, can be squeezed into the smallest of bags.Do you use your iPad to blog on the go?  Do you use a portable keyboard to make life easier?