10 Things that have made me happy lately #3

There’s been a distinct lack of blogging the last few weeks and it’s probably because life is so pretty darn good.  Easter meant a 4 day weekend and i’m actually on another 4 day weekend as we speak.  the sun is shining and it’s been really good to get outside into the fresh air a bit more.  I can’t wait to start running outside again.  I feel so much more motivated to eat healthily and exercize when the sun is shining.  Must be all that vitamin D!  So here’s 10 things that have made me happy lately… I really love making these lists!

1. Easter… and all the chocolate it brings with it…. oh and the four day weekend.

2. Visiting TN’s hometown for the first time and meeting his parents, going to my first Everton game and getting a tad drunk on the free wine because I was a little nervous!

3. Long walks in Wrexham County Park in the sunshine. With ice cream.

4. Sunshine, and lots of it.  It’s been so beautiful since Easter.

5. Eating my lunch outside at work instead of being cooped up in the office.  It’s so nice to escape into the square with my salad and just watch the world go by.

6. Dinner and drinks at The Botanist with my flatmate and her boyfriend.  Amazingly good food and cocktails, and I guess the company wasn’t bad either.  Review to follow!

7. After work drinks with a great bunch of people.  I’ve never worked with such a sociable bunch of people and I guess the fact that working around the best bars in Birmingham has nothing to do with it.

8. Buying presents for TN’s birthday which was Friday.  I forgot how fun present shopping can be… even if it’s also a tad stressful.

9. Family weddings.  My granddad is one of ten and my mum is one of five so you can imagine the size of my extended family.  It was so lovely to get together with them all last week for a wedding.

10. Seeing my mum Friday and yesterday – I don’t see her as often as I’d like now she’s moved down south.  Plus when she comes to Birmingham she always takes me to Ikea – that in itself should have a point of it’s own!!

What has made you happy over the last few weeks?