Introducing Bomb Cosmetics


I know we’re coming into Summer but I still love to take the occasional bath when I just can’t get warm.  Bath products are some of my favourite products to try so when Tracey from Scents-a-Bubble asked me if I’d like to review some Bomb Cosmetics* products from her website I jumped at the chance.  Bomb Cosmetics are all hand made, animal free products infused with natural oils to give you soft, hydrated skin after your bath.  But it’s not just bath products they sell, they have a whole range of different products that all smell delicious.
I chose products from different categories as I wanted to get a good indication of the entire range.  After a good sniff and a few tries of everything, I think my favourite products have to be the Sherbet Lemon Lip Scrub (£2.30) which smells like lemon sweets from my childhood.  It also does a great job at getting rid of the dead skin from my lips – a problem I constantly have.  I also love the Knickerboxer Glory Whoopie Blaster (£2.10) because it smells like ice cream and cherryade and I also got multiple uses from it.  To use their ‘blasters’ you just drop them into a full bath, watch them fizz and disperse the oils which leave your skin feels oh, so soft!
For the home, they stock a number of scented candles that smell delicious and not at all waxy- the risk you run with cheaper candles.  I opted for the Appley Ever After Candle (£6.80) which if you hadn’t guessed, smells like delicious green apples. The floral heart combines notes of jasmine, lily, violet and rose, closing with a musky base highlighted with sandal and vanilla. According to the website, it gives 35 hours of burn time which is not bad for the price and it’s made my living room smell like an orchid.  Staying with the ‘scents for the home’ theme, I also picked up an air freshener for my car.  The Natures Candy Car Fragrancer (£1.80) smells just like oranges and lemons and I actually love being in my car now just so I can smell it.
Other bits that I opted to try were the Pink Chill Pills (£2.25) – small bath bombs you drop into the bath, Sweet Sundae Soap Slice (£2.30) and the Butterfly Ball Bath Tulip (£2.80) which I’m yet to try.
I’m really impressed with what I’ve seen from Bomb Cosmetics and their prices are fantastic when you think of how expensive some of the high street bath bombs have become.  Scents-a-bubble also hold events for you to go along to so if you’re in the Birmingham area I’d recommend checking them out.  Check out their Facebook page to see where they’ll be next.
Have you tired Bomb Cosmetics? What did you think?