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Where else to find lilmisschickas on the internet across all social media platforms

The world of online blogging is ever expanding and as there seems to be a few new people around these parts (hello if you’re a new reader).  With that in mind, I thought I’d write a quick post to let you know where else you can find LMC over on other platforms.  My username on all the platforms below is: lilmisschickas

Twitter (link)

My most used platform is of course, twitter.  Used for a daily insight into my life, it’s also a great way to check if I’ve posted any new posts as I’ll always advertise them over there.  I love using twitter to interact with my readers so if you’ve got a question, please feel free to ask away 🙂 

YouTube (link)

My YouTube channel has been getting a revival of love recently.  Last year I posted once/twice a week and I’m trying to get back up to that amount.  I post videos on a wide variety of topics including beauty, travel and of course, DISNEY!  Don’t forget to let me know what your favourite kind of video is.  I also have a Disney World series with lots of hints and tips if you’re thinking of visiting the parks.  You can find that playlist here.

Instagram (link)

It’s very rare that a blogger doesn’t have an Instagram these days.  I’m no exception and I spend hours scrolling through my feed because there are some talented photographers and photo editors out there.  Don’t forget to follow me if you’d like to check out my efforts as well.  I post a range of different pictures but just a heads up that there is A LOT of food on there… what can I say, I can’t eat unless I’ve snapped a picture of my lunch.

Bloglovin’ (link)

If you like to read my blog, you’ll want to make sure you’re following me via bloglovin’.  Every time I blog, you’ll get a notification into your reading list that I’ve posted.  On my own profile (here) you can also see what sort of blog posts I love to read myself as I save all my favourites into different categories.  Who knows, you might find a blog post that you love in there.

Snapchat (username: lilmisschickas)

Even though I’ve had snapchat for a while, I’ve only recently started posting on it myself.  I post little photos and videos daily if I really want to show you guys something quick (and that probably isn’t instagram ‘worthy’).  I love following my favourite bloggers and my friends on there.  It can get a bit addictive!

Pinterest (link)

After so many of you followed my ‘Disney World Hints and Tips’ Pinterest board after I mentioned it in my ‘Disney Q&A’ video I thought I’d link it here for you as well.  I have boards on all the areas that interest me including Disney, home decor, food & recipes.  I also have a ‘Hunger Games’ board because I’m just that obsessed with the franchise. #TeamPeeta

Facebook (link)

Lilmisschickas also has a Facebook page where I post updates that are a tad too long for twitter.  It’s also a good place to keep up to date with all my photos 🙂 

Don’t forget that my username on all of the above is ‘lilmisschickas’ – pretty easy to remember really and if you do happen to head over to any of my other social media platforms don’t forget to say hi 🙂