New Releases from Benefit

A photo of New releases from Benefit Cosmetics, Puff off and Roller Lash

The world of beauty has been abuzz lately with some exciting new releases from our favourite quirky brand; Benefit Cosmetics.  I’ve been really lucky to get a sneak peak at two of their new releases and have been giving them a thorough test run before I review them for you.  So if you love your Benefit then read on…

A photo of Benefit Cosmetics Puff Off
A photo of Benefit Cosmetics Puff Off Iron style Applicator

Puff Off

Benefit’s newest skincare product, Puff Off is designed to instantly smooth out fine lines, de-puff and soothe the under eye area.  The first thing to talk about is the cute iron tip packaging which is not only meant to look good, but actually has a purpose.  The ridges in the smooth iron stimulate blood flow around the eye which helps to eliminate dark circles and the iron helps glide the product onto the skin with ease.

With a gel like consistency, the formula which contains a blend of peptides to reduce the puffiness, glides onto the skin so easily.  You only need less-than-a-pea sized amount for each eye which means your 10ml of product will last a while.  The best thing about Puff Off is that it leaves no residue and isn’t sticky meaning is sits really well underneath makeup.  In fact it makes a great base for my concealer and helps to keep those under eye bags at bay a bit longer.

You can also use Puff Off over your makeup if you feel like your eyes need a pick me up during the day (perfect after a long day at work where you’re straight off on a night out).  It doesn’t cake and absorbs without ruining your makeup.

Puff Off is available now from John Lewis priced at £22.50 for 10ml.

A photo of Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Mascara

A photo of Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Mascara Wand

Roller Lash

Benefit’s other new product is also for the eye area but this time it’s a piece of makeup.  Even though Benefit has the UK’s best selling mascara in ‘They’re Real’ (full review here) they’ve added another product to their mascara family in the form of Roller Lash.

Whilst ‘They’re Real’ is designed to be all lift and glamour, Roller Lash is it’s understated little sister which is not as intense but still has the ability to offer both lift and curl.  Designed for girls with short or straight lashes or for girls with smaller eyes (I believe I tick all three of those boxes) Roller Lash uses a ‘hook n’ roll’ method for giving length, volume and curl that will last.  No I’m serious, the brush actually hooks onto your lashes and rolls with them when applying the product.

As you’ll know if you’re a regular reader of my blog, I see myself as something of an Mount Everest for mascara manufacturers because I’ve yet to find many that do what they say they’re going to do on my lashes – due to their smallness and let’s just say it – how oily they are – nothing sticks!).  In this case Roller Lash was fantastic for adding lift and curl but whilst Benefit claim you’ll get 12 hour curls, I think mine lasted around about seven before I needed to apply a new coat – still pretty good though and much more long lasting than some other brands out there.  I do really like the way that my eyes look more awake with Roller Lash as the curl draws more attention to the eye area… even better that you can achieve this without curling your lashes before hand.

Roller Lash will be available from February 27th but you can also pick up a sample size in the March issue of Elle magazine if you want to try it sooner.

So there you have it, the full round up of everything Benefit for the moment.  I’ve really loved trying both of these products and can see them becoming frequent visitors to my skincare and makeup routine.  Have you tried either of these two shiny new products yet? What were your thoughts?