The Gym Playlist

After the success of my post on Tuesday about my new outlook on nutrition and keeping fit (thank you to all you babes who commented by the way) I thought I’d start to share a few snippets of how I keep the gym interesting… Because as I said, sometimes I’m really not a fan – it’s just one of those things that’s got to be done you know?
I think gym playlists can make or break a workout. There’s been times where I’ve wanted to give up half way through a run; take it back down to a walk or worse stop all together! But then, as if my spotify playlist knows what’s about to happen, a real kick ass song comes on and I’m filled with a new determination. It’s amazing how much music can inspire us!
So what’s on my playlist? I’m just going to come out and say it – this will probably be the un-coolest playlist you may ever encounter. I tend to go for a lot of strong female pop songs. There’s the standard Queen Bey, Lady GaGa and obviously a bit of Girls Aloud. If one of those comes on while I’m running all I can think about is how amazing they look in their videos and it keeps me running or lifting a bit longer. There’s about 50 songs on my playlist to keep it a constant mix of motivation but I thought I’d highlight some of my absolute faves!!
1. Telephone – Lady GaGa – Bey and GagGa – Those figures together… Wowzer!
2. Titanium – David Guetta feat. Sia – Because I’ve been obsessed with Sia since ‘Breathe Me’.
3. Feel so Close – Calvin Harris – It just makes me want to bounce and party and be all energetic!
4. We found love – Rihanna & Calvin Harris – See above!
5. Wicked Game – Betoko (Gemma Hayes Remix) – The beat, oh the BEAT!
6. Numb/Encore – Jay Z – Gotta have some Jay Z in there and that whole album is genius!
7. Something New – Girls Aloud – ‘You boys better know, know, know – we girls gonna run this show!’
8. Do What You Want – Lady GaGa ‘You can;t stop my voice, cause you don’t own my life’ – Oh yes!
9. Running up that hill – Kate Bush ( the version they played at London 2012 – obsessed ever since!)
10. Bad Girls – M.I.A (live fast, die young, bad girls do it well… Absolute anthem! 
Of course I usually add a few current chart hits in; Uptown Funk is amazing when you’re walking on the treadmill – the beat matches that of a runway walk and yes I do strut like that’s where I am- don’t pretend you’ve never done it!!
I’ve obviously missed some corkers off the list about (Katy Perry where you at? Taylor swift get yo’ ass back on Spotify please!) and you’ve probably guessed that most my songs are poppy, woman-been-wronged-and-using-it-as-motivation or ‘I am woman, I am strong!’ type songs and I’m ok with that.
So that’s what keeps me running, lifting, squatting, rowing a bit longer. I love knowing what’s on other peoples playlists so make sure you let me know what’s on yours below.