The H&M Shoe.

Shoes.  They’re pretty important. Not only do they support our feet and stop us walking directly on the dirty ground every day, they can also finish the perfect outfit. I’d love to think myself a heels kinda gal – I distinctly remember uttering the phrase ‘I’d rather break my ankle than wear kitten heels’ at least twice a month during my uni days. However these days, I’m definitely more into my flats. I think it’s because I’m so tall – at 5ft 8inches, if I wear my killer heels I tower over everyone and look like I’m the hunchback of Notre Dame in photos. Also, I learnt the hard way that super high heels and work don’t mix. Luckily I’ve found the perfect pair of flats that are not only practical and comfy, but stylish too.
These little beauties are from H&M and at £7.99 a pair, they’re a bargain. Coming in a number of colours (I have them in blue and black) they are simple, fussy feel and oh-so-comfy. They go will all my work outfits which consists of skirts and dresses. I also feel totally comfortable wearing them (my black pair that is) into meetings with some of my higher management team (which there are more of these days!) The blue pair are more for casual wear but I love how they look with my jeans. They’re the perfect summer colour. 
I’ve spied a nude pair in H&M and am sorely tempted. The comfort alone makes them worth it. Do you have a favourite pair of comfy flats? Aren’t they the best?