Nicky Clarke Multi Styler

I’m really into my curls lately and if there’s one thing that I’m constantly looking to better, it’s the way I curl my hair. My ideal curls are big, barrel curls that ooze glamour. The way I achieve this is using curlers with a big barrel. Enter Nicky Clarke Mayfair MultiStyler*. With interchangeable barrels that come in three sizes – 25mm, a 0-19mm conical wand and a 19-25mm conical wand, you can achieve the perfect curls.  They’re simple to use and give a fantastic finish.

The Nicky Clarke Multi Styler is very quick to use and I finished my hair (which is fairly long) in around fifteen minutes. No faffing around with clips; you just wind your hair around the barrel, hold for 10-15 seconds and let go. I love using the bigger barrel to get a bigger, looser curl.As the day goes on, my curls never falter and even after a long day at work they still look great. I’ve been really impressed with the Nicky Clarke offering and pleased with how simple and easy they were to use.
I’ve been using the largest barrel to create curls and brushing them out and finishing with a touch of hairspray.  I like that there’s only one heat setting which is effective without damaging my hair.  Having the three barrels means that you can take these curlers anywhere and achieve lots of different looks without the weight of three curlers.
You can pick up the Nicky Clarke Mayfair Multi Styler curlers for £59.99.  What are your favourite curlers?
*PR Sample