Matches Fashion Boutique

Although there is no way I can afford anything designer at the
moment (the joy of moving house) it doesn’t hurt to make a fantasy wish
list once in a while.  I recently made a teeny tiny one… Actually I
filled my online shopping basket to the brim, then had to rub by eyes at the
total I had amassed.  Online designer boutique Matches Fashion has a
host of designer labels  including Marc Jacobs, DVF, Chanel and Kate
Middleton’s favourite designer Issa.  There are some absolutely beautiful
pieces on there, I could have made about ten wish lists!  Honestly, I’ve
never seen so many designer brands in one place and the prices are great (for
designer of course!)  I loved browsing the site too, it was so easy to
navigate because you can search by brand or by item of clothing.
The outfit I’ve put together above is my ultimate fantasy outfit,
the one that I would wear if I were Serena or Blair’s best friend on the Upper
East Side (yes I’m watching Gossip Girl while writing this!)  The dress is
Rebecca Taylor, the jacket is Stella McCartney and the shoes Louboutin.
 I’ve jazzed it up with a few accessories like the Fernando Jorge Ring, Elise
Dray Spiked Bracelet and the beautiful bag is from Mark Cross, a designer I’ve
never heard of before but am now totally in love with thanks to Matches
Fashion.  Of course I probably wouldn’t ever pay for designer tights from
Diane Von Furstenburg but hey, all I’m going to think is ‘What would Blair
Waldorf do?’ Exactly… Now where is Chuck Bass??
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