A London Haul

As I mentioned yesterday, I recently
took a trip to London to partake in a spot of Christmas shopping.  I’ve
never really shopped in London before so have never experienced the hustle and
bustle. I’m not going to lie, I hated it.  Perhaps I picked the wrong time
of year but it was so busy I couldn’t cope with it.  I was getting hot and
flustered and everything!!  But onto business…
I picked up a few things as you can see
from the photo.  You can probably see that the content of the Victora’s
Secret bag is missing, I didn’t think it was appropriate to show you all my
undies, but I did buy a lovely t-shirt which will probably grace my YT Channel
at some point.
My first purchase was the gorgeous tree
decoration from Harrods.  The Christmas floor was absolutely rammed with
people and there were so many beautiful decorations which were very reasonably
priced. The one in the photo above cost £.3.95, not bad in my book.
After Harrods was Harvey Nics in
Knightsbridge.  On the outside it was lit up with lots of bright lights,
it looked very festive.  I headed straight to the third floor and paid a
visit to BeautyMART (for my impressions of BeautyMART click here)  There I
picked up the Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat because it occured to me on the train
down that I didn’t have a top coat.  It’s pretty lucky that I decided to
buy it as I came home that night to the Ciate Advert Calendar.  I have a
feeling that this top coat is going to get a lot of use this month.  They also threw in a sample of DHC’s cleansing oil.  I’m quite excited by this as I’ve never used one before and I’ve heard so much about some other ones in the blogging world.  Let me know your thoughts on cleansing oil below in the comments.
Finally after a spot of dinner, we headed
to Leicester Square to the M&M shop.  I picked up a ‘make your own’
bag of m&m’s for James as I know he loves them and I’ll admit that I’m
partial to one or two.
So that is my London Haul, usually it
would be done on a video but as you all know, we are moving house so things are
a bit of a mess here.
Have you picked up any Christmas prezzies for themselves?