As you guys know, I pour my heart and soul into lilmisschickas and as it has gotten older it has started to attract a bit of attention from brands and the likes.  I want my Disclaimer policy to be 100% clear to anybody who visits my little corner of the internet so keep reading.PR Samples
All opinions and thoughts on everything featured on this blog are entirely my own. Every item that appears on this blog has been bought by me unless otherwise stated. As of April 2012 any product sent to me as a PR sample will be marked with a (*) and at the end of the post, under the signature on the right hand side will be the label (*PR Sample). I do not accept free products in return for a guaranteed good review.  I will speak honestly and frankly about a product and this will include some negative feedback from time to time.Sponsored Posts
Sometimes I write sponsored posts, these will be marked at the bottom of a post, under my signature on the right hand side with (*Sponsored Post/ Collaborative Post).  I don’t accept prewritten content and write everything within a sponsored post myself.

I am extremely lucky to be invited to events and/or experience a service that would usually incur a cost.  These experiences will be defined at the bottom of a post, under my signature on the right hand side with a (*) and a definition.

Affilliate Links
I am also a member of the Skimlinks Affiliate Programme and RewardStyle. This means that some links on this website will be affiliate links and when you click on a link and choose to buy that product, I will make a small bit of money from it.
If you would like to use any images or literature from this site please contact me FIRST and credit it back to here. Thank you.
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Thank You!
Thank you for taking the time to read my full disclaimer.  It’s really important to me that I stay open and honest as a blogger and that my readers know they are getting my real opinion and not one that has been bought.