My Disney Bucket List

Cinderella Castle - my Disney Bucket List

2020 has been a bit of a wild year for all of us. However as coincidence would have it, 2020 was also the year wanted to take ‘off’ from visiting Disney and put some savings behind me. I’ve been really fortunate during the pandemic to retain full-time employment whilst working from home. This has resulted in quite a nice savings pot. It’s also given my time to create my Disney Bucket List – a list of places and experiences I want to tick off when the world returns to normal – whatever that looks like now.

My Disney Bucket List – Making Disney Dreams Happen…

Tick off my last 3 castles

I couldn’t start my Disney bucket list with anything other than visiting the remaining 3 parks on my list – Tokyo Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland and Shanghai Disneyland. My friends and I are planning a trip to hit all three in a two week period – and take in some local culture too! We’ve been researching the best way to do it without having to get a visa for Shanghai. It’s totally doable and I’m looking forward to ticking off my last three castles.

Disney Cruise

A Disney Cruise was actually a potential last-minute trip for 2020 if I could have got one at the right price for one of the European routes but alas… 2020. Whilst the European itinerary is on my list, the top spot is reserved for a Caribbean Cruise with a stop off at Castaway Cay – Disney Cruise Line’s private island.


Travel bucket listwise, Hawaii is very near the top so of course, Aulani has made its way onto my Disney bucket list. I’ve never been very good at ‘chilling out’ but even I’ll admit, Aulani looks like the right place to do it. just reading down the list of activities has me hankering for a relaxing break and getting back to nature (but with the Disney twist of course!)

Stay at a Seven Seas Lagoon Resort

I like many other am desperate to visit Disney World again in the future and when I finally do, I’d love to stay at a Seven Seas Lagoon resort – The Grand Floridian, The Contemporary or the Polynesian. I’d also consider Wilderness Lodge with looks incredible. I’d love to be able to walk, boat it or monorail to and from my hotel to the Magic Kingdom.

Alternatively – I’d love to stay at another Epcot resort area hotel. I stayed at Beach Club Resort last year so maybe next time will be the Yacht Club or the Boardwalk.

Stay at Every Disney World Hotel

As well as stay at a Seven Seas lagoon resort, I’d love to eventually tick all the resorts off my list. I collect the pins for each resort and so far I have seven pins for the eight resorts I’ve stayed at (All-Stars only has one pin for the three resorts).

Dinner at Yachtsman Steakhouse - my Disney Bucket List

Eat at Every Disney World Restaurant

I love Disney. And I love food. And I love food at Disney. One big item on my Disney bucket list is to eat at every restaurant at Disney World. No mean feat of a task! Every time I visit I try to tick off a few new places as well as visit some old favourites but I do want to visit all of them eventually!

Keys to the Kingdom Tour

Rounding off my Disney bucket list is the ‘Keys to the Kingdom Tour’, available at Disney World. This behind the scenes look at the Magic Kingdom also includes going into the Utilidor system – Disney’s underground tunnel system that stretches across the Magic Kingdom and interestingly, is why you never see cast members in the wrong areas of the park. I love a good Disney tour – in 2019 I did the ‘Walk in Walt’s Disneyland Footsteps’ tour in Disneyland and I got the bug – plus I’m really into my Disney history and love to learn more about these magnificent parks!

So that’s my Disney bucket list for when we’re fully able to go back out into the world – let me know in the comments what’s on your Disney bucket list!

You can always watch my YouTube video where I mention a few more bucket list items!

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