Disney World Instagram Walls and Where to Find Them

If you’re looking for Disney World Instagram Walls and where to find them, you’ve come to the right place! This is a mini-guide to some of the best photo spots around the Disney World parks.

The Disney World Instagram Walls: A guide on where to find them

Magic Kingdom

Purple Wall - Disney World Instagram Walls

Purple Wall

The wall that started it all, the Purple Wall. It’s located on the entrance to tomorrow land. You can see it on the right as you cross the bridge into Tomorrowland.

Casting Agency Door

Whilst not technically a wall, it’s not technically a door either. The Casting Agency door appears in every Disney park in the world and can be found half way up Main Street USA on the left.


Bubblegum Wall - Disney World Instagram Walls

Bubblegum Wall

There are actually two Bubblegum Walls. They’re very similar and are located either side of the exit of Spaceship Earth. From the entrance of Epcot, head under Spaceship Earth (the big golf ball) and look inwards. You’ll soon see the Bubblegum Wall.

Toothpaste Wall - Disney World Instagram Walls

Toothpaste Wall

One of my personal favourites – if you love blue, you’ll love the Toothpaste Wall. It’s located next to the entrance of Coral Reef Restaurant in ‘The Seas’ area of Epcot. If you’re standing looking at the entrance to the Finding Nemo ride, turn right and you’ll find the restaurant.

Hollywood Studios

Incredibles Wall

The Incredibles Wall (or walls as there are a few photo opportunities there) is located in ‘An Incredible Celebration) which is right at the opening to the main entrance of Toy Story Land. Head past the entrance and you’ll see the walls on the right.

popsicle Wall - Disney World Instagram Walls

Popsicle Wall

For the Popsicle wall you’ve got two options to find it.1) Go play Toy Story Mania, or 2) Wall all the way down the exit of Toy Story Mania. I prefer to go with the first option because if you hadn;t guessed, the Popsicle Wall is located in the exit of the Toy Story Mania ride.

Animal Kingdom

You’re Most Beautiful Wall

One of my favourite walls at Disney World. The ‘You’re Most Beautiful Wall’ is located in Africa in the Harambee Market. when you get to the market walk past the ordering windows and look to the left. The wall is actually located in a cast member exit.

Fichwa Fellow Wall - Disney World Instagram Walls

Fichwa Fellow Wall

Also known as the ‘Hidden Mickey Wall’, it’s located down the side of the Harambee Market. Instead of entering the market, walk round it’s outside up towards Kilamajaro Safari’s and you’ll see it on the right!

Moss Wall

The Moss Wall is located in the Pandora section of Animal Kingdom. To get to it, head to Satu’li Canteen and it’s on the left (on the exit of the Flight of Passage gift shop!)

Disney World Instagram Walls and more…

So there are some of the most popular Disney World Instagram Walls and where to find them. There are MANY more photo spots around Disney World. Check out my other guides for a more in-depth look!

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Disney World Instagram Walls