2019 – A Year in Review & Goals for 2020

2019 visit to Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Yes, these posts are kinda corny – and everybody is doing them at this time of year but ‘Year in Review’ posts are a great way to look back on the year and be grateful for everything you achieved. So without further ado – here is my 2019 – A Year in Review and look forward to 2020.

2019 – what a year!

No spend challenge

I started the year with a ‘no spend challenge’ – no new clothes with 90 days except for 3 emergency items. I’m pleased to report that I did it. I didn’t count how much money I saved myself (which I’m gutted about) but I know those funds were spent better elsewhere.

Visited new countries

2019 visit to Prague, overlooking the river.

In 2019 I added Iceland and the Czech Republic to the list of new countries I hadn’t visited before. This brings my total number of countries visited in the last decade to 10 – that’s at least one new one a year! Happy with that but really want to visit more!

2020 visit to Market Hall, Fulham.

I got comfortable in London

I’ve now lived in London for over a year and can honestly say I’ve finally fallen in love with the city. Even though there’s still so much I haven’t seen I feel like I can finally call it home. I can navigate around now without the use of city mapper (most the time!), know where to stand on the tube for the quickest exit and never go near Covent Garden tube station!

Paying off my credit card

Something I’ve been trying to achieve for more years than I’d care to admit – I didn’t quite achieve it but got very close. 2019 was the year I took financial planning to the next level to really start preparing for the future. I upped my savings game. If you’d like to do the same, here my blog post on how to save money.

Overlooking the Gulf of Naples from the Infinity pool at Relais Blu Hotel.
Flo's Cafe in Carsland, Disneyland California.

Dirty 30 Birthday Shenanigans

In my mid 20’s I dreaded turning 30. By the time it got here, I was ready to welcome it with open arms. I can not begin to describe how many switches have gone off in my head since. Ringing it in was also pretty awesome too. Adam surprised me with a trip to Sorrento (you can see the YouTube video from the trip) and I took myself off to California for Disneyland shenanigans with my friends. Two perfect ways to celebrate a big birthday!

Pushed the boundaries professionally

2019 was a big year for me professionally. I got into the groove of my new job and started to push myself to excel in my career. I learned how to constructive challenge the status quo and learn from those around me. Hopefully, this will lead to even bigger things in 2020.

Charlotte and Adam in front of Cinderella Castle, Magic Kingdom

Goals for 2020

As we move onto 2020, I’ve set myself a few goals for this year.

  1. Get a promotion/pay rise at work – pretty self-explanatory really.
  2. Pay off my credit card – I made a good dent in it during 2019 but want to get rid of it once and for all in 2020
  3. Visit a new part of the world – I always add this to my list too. Last decade I visited 10 new countries and I hope to do the same this decade too,
  4. Get to 30,000 YouTue subscribers – even though it’s just a hobby now, it’s nice to give it a goal.
  5. See 50 films at the cinema – My goal for last year was 40 films. I ended up seeing 45 so I’d like to better that this year. I discovered that I love to go the cinema solo in 2019 so hoping a few more solo trips can help me achieve my goal in 2020.
  6. Be more consistent with my blog – I started off in this mental online world as a blogger but as the years have gone on, my blog has fallen by the wayside a little. In 2020 I hope to get back on it and write a little more on here.

So here’s to 2020 – may it be the year of ‘You do You’ and you do it well 🙂

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