2018 – A Year in Review

Following on from my 2017 year in review. I thought I’d keep up the tradition of writing down everything good that happened to me in 2018.  2018 – what a year it has been.  They say a lot can change in a year – THEY WERE NOT LYING! Before I sat down to write this post, I went back to read my 2017 year in review and I honestly can’t believe how much has changed!

I bagged the dream role

Professionally, it’s been a bit of a mental year. What started as a year of job uncertainty due to my company being taken over and being placed at risk of redundancy, ended with me bagging a job at my absolute dream company. I still can’t quite believe it and go into work most days with a stupid grin on my face. It just proves that even if you read a job description and don’t think you quite meet the mark, put that application in any way. Did you know that females are more likely to walk away from applying if they don’t think they quite meet the description than men are? Girls, don’t let your dream job away from you!

I moved to a whole new city on my own

With a new job came a whole heap of change. Rather than doing a 4 hour commute each day to get to London, I decided to up sticks from Birmingham and just move there. It was a bit daunting moving away from Adam and in with three housemates and while it does feel like a bit of a step backwards in regards to our relationship, I know it is the right thing to do in the short term. But yes, moving to London – I knew maybe four people down here at the time of moving which was a bit daunting and I’m proud of myself for doing it.

I hit 20,000 YouTube subscribers

I still find it bizarre that one person wants to watch my YouTube channel let alone 20,000+! I’m taking a bit of a YouTube hiatus at the moment but regardless of whether I go back to it or not (I deffo will soon!) I’m proud i got to 20,000 in the first place!

And 20,000 Instagram subscribers

Still can’t believe this one either if I’m honest! Instagram growth has been so slow over the years and with the challenges of the algorithm thrown in to boot, it’s not been my favourite platform. Since giving up social media ‘professionally’ I’m so much more relaxed about the numbers but there’s still a sense of satisfaction in seeing them get bigger!

I was able to take my Mom to Florida

This was a big one for me this year. If you watched my trip announcement video you’ll know how much it meant to be able to take my Mom away on a work trip to see what I did. We had such a great time and got to relive childhood memories. I’m so proud I’ve built my online space up to become a place that affords me these opportunities, wherever it goes in the future.

And my dad to an International F1 race!

Taking my dad to Belgium for the Belgiun Grand Prix was very satisfying. Not only did I tick somewhere new off my list (Brussells), I got to spend quality time with my dad and Adam and we all bonded and Adam and my dad got to know each other more. On another note, it was really nice to e able to treat my dad. He’s an important figure in my life and will do anything for me so it was lovely to be able to treat him!

I met amazing new friends

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt as an adult, it’s that if you find good freinds to cherish them dearly. This year I added to my ‘squad’ or ‘gig’ with new friends who i’ve already made fantastic memories with. The internet is a funny old place – it can bring out the very worst in people and make you question everything about yourself but it can also bring you some absolute diamonds of people who you welcome into your inner fold. Suze and Nathan have been an integral part of my year and I wouldn’t have met them without the internet community I’ve established myself in!

I visited somewhere new and got to spend time with Adam’s family

In August, Adam and I jetted off to Marbella with his family. It was so good to spend time with them and just chill out and laugh. We hired a boat for an evening, we went on a banana boat, we ate great food, lay by the pool. It was just so nice and i’m forever grateful to them for accepting me into their family.

We watched best friends get married

Three weddings this year – two of which fell on the same day – saw Adam and I watch some of the most important people to us get married. Sometimes I forget that I’m old enough for this sort of stuff to be happening but i’m so glad it is. Watching others being so happy brings great pleasure (and a few tears during the speeches!)

I finally visited Disneyland Resort in California

The big Kahuna for me this year was ticking off this item from my bucket list. When my friend Nick suggested I meet him over in California for a week to check out Disneyland I couldn’t say no! I promise to write more of my thoughts down about Disneyland soon but for now you just need to know that it is an incredibly special place. Finally being able to walk in the footsteps of Walt Disney and ride some of the orignal rides will always hold a a special place in my heart. Having Nick there was just a bonus – I’ve never laughed so hard on holiday!

I learned how to switch off from the internet

Something I’ve been trying to master for six years has finally happened – all it took was getting a new job and a big life move. In all seriousness, forcing myself to switch off and going cold turkey was hard but I can confirm that my mental health is much better for it. The amount of pressure that comes with running a YouTube, an Instagram, a blog can be very intense and make you feel very bad about yourself at times. These days I’m trying my hardest to switch off wherever possible (or at least once a week). I’m seeing freinds, reading a book or watchoing a film and taking at least one evening a week offline. Try it and thank me later!

We hit 50 films at the cinema!

Well nearly! I think the final total was 46 unique films and about 52 cinema visits (3 trips to see Infinity War and I’m not even embaressed by that!) We definatly got the full use out of our cinema cards. next year i’m setting myself a slightly lower target of 40 films as I tend to go with Adam and now don’t see him in the week. My top three films for the year were: Ralph Breaks the Internet, Ladybird and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri. If you’re thinking of signing up to for unlimited cinema I’d highly recommend the Cineworld Unlimited card. 2019 will be our 4th year of having one and I wouldn’t be without it! If you click this link here and sign up with my code RAF-92TV-78GF-18PK-66FJ we both get a month free through their refer and friend scheme!

I spent quality time with Adam 

Finally, I can hand on heart say that even though Adam and I now don’t see each other Monday to Thursday, the three days a week we do are now spent making memories and spending quality time with each other. It’s much more special to see him and I’m grateful he’s so supportive of my job situation. it doesn’t have to be expensive – sometimes it’s just lying in bed catching up on our weeks or going to see a film (gotta get that total up). but it’s phones away and undivided attention where we can!

So that was my 2018. What a wonderful year! It certainly ended differently to how I thought it would but change is good. I can’t wait to see what 2019 brings. Thank you 2018, it’s been quite a year!

What was your 2018 highlight? Let me know in the comments below.