Working from Home with Bio Sculpture

Last Friday, I whisked myself off to London to meet the wonderful team from Bio Sculpture to learn more about how to keep my nails healthy while using gels.  After being treated to afternoon tea and a wonderful spa treatment at the Mondrian in London, I was treated to a fabulous manicure by the Bio Sculpture team and learned how Bio Sculpture could help a nail-biter like me, grow beautiful nails.  We also discovered that 1000’s of women are using Bio Sculpture as a great way to earn money from home.

But back to the beginning of the day where I arrived at The Mondrian and was treated to the most scrummy afternoon tea in Dandelyan.  Tea and sandwiches came served on the cutest china – covered in patterns of flowers that my nan used to have in her house.

After tea, we were taken upstairs to one of the private suites so the girls from Bio Sculpture could do our nails. Bio Sculpture gel doesn’t damage the nails underneath as it doesn’t require the nails to be dehydrated prior to application.  There’s also no bonders and primers and they keep buffing to a minimum.

I love the fact that Bio Sculpture seems so manageable and can be used to help people like me (the nail biters out there) grow their nails without damaging them further.  Bio Sculpture is still the world leader in healthy nail care after 20 years.

I chose the colour ‘Party Popper’ which is one of the most popular colours over the cold season (because who doesn’t love a bit of glitter?)

After having my nails done we went to the spa where I had my massage.  I’m going to be entirely honest, it wasn’t the most relaxing massage I’ve ever had but it certainly ironed out all the knots in my back.  I did find resting the relaxation room incredibly relaxing though – I stayed there for over an hour!

But back to nails with Bio Sculpture…

I’d never thought about doing nails before – mainly because I’m not confident with my own – but Biosculpture can help grow and nourish your nails and are the perfect barrier for biters like me!  So I’m planning on embarking on my own Bio Sculpture nails course in the hope that it will help me with my own nails.

Bio Sculpture is the perfect ‘at home’ business for freelance women.  It’s super flexible and fits in with busy lifestyles (you don’t need to be freelance – you can do it on top of your full-time work if you want).

I’m so excited to start my course.  I’ve already briefed my friends that I’ll need lots of nails to practice on.

You can find out more about Bio Sculpture, including info about training to become a therapist HERE!

To see more of my time with Bio Sculpture, watch my weekly vlog:

*Afternoon Tea, spa treatment and nails provided by Bio Sculpture. All opinion my own.