Podcasts for Creatives: My Favourites

podcasts for creativesPodcasts are a great way to fill your ears with all the good stuff…

Towards the end of last year, I started to get into podcasts.  Fast forward to the third week of 2018 and now I AM HOOKED on podcasts. Especially podcasts for creatives.

There are so many podcasts out there under every theme imaginable.  Of course, I absolutely adore listening to Disney themed podcasts and maybe I’ll do a post on my favourites soon but for the minute, I am really into ones that focus on self-development – specifically as a creative.

2018 is my year of self-development.  I’m really into reading self-help guide (including anti-gurus) and I think I’ve managed to find a number podcasts that are designed for creatives; whether that’s self-employed or full-time worker.  I’ve found them on every topic; specifically about Instagram and growing on that platform, how to make money from blogging, knowing your self-worth.  I could go on and on.

I’ve binged through podcasts for the last three weeks solid and I can’t remember the last time I chose my Spotify over my podcasts app.

So I thought I’d share some of my favourites with you and hopefully, you’ll become as inspired as I have.

Podcasts for Creatives…

podcast for creativesCtrl Alt Delete

Ctrl Alt Delete is the brainchild of an all-round online boss woman, Emma Gannon.  With over 100 episodes to get your teeth stuck into (108 at the time of writing), Emma covers a number of topics that are relevant to the online creator with a few other topics thrown in.  It has been described as one of the ’30 best podcasts for curious minds’.  She also has an impressive roster of guests who have come in to chat with her including Zoella, Giovanna Fletcher, Joe Lycett, Will Young, Lily Cole, Henry Holland, the list goes on (and on, and on!)

Must listen to episodes:

#2 Zoella – Talking Internet Fame & Being Your Own Boss

#85 Otegha Uwagba: How to Build your own Brand

Hashtag Authentic

I discovered Hashtag Authentic at the end of 2017 and binge listened as quickly as I could.  Present and created by Sara Tasker, Hashtag Authentic is a podcast for Instagrammers, bloggers and online creatives.  Sara is an Instagram Coach and a photographer who shares stories, strategies and experience with her guests in a bid to help online creators ‘bloom and grow’.

Must listen to episodes:

Instagram, Influencer and Algorithms, with Nik Speller

Stopping the Glorification of ‘Busy’ with Jen Carrington

What She Said

The newest podcast to my listening library is ‘What She Said‘, hosted by Lucy Lucraft; a freelance journalist, blogger and creative coach.

What She Said is a podcast all about interesting women in blogging hosted by me, Lucy: a freelance journalist, blogger and creative coach based in London. If you wanna know the real story behind your favourite blogger’s success, What She Said is the show for you!

Must listen to episodes:

Branding and Niche with Elizabeth Sellers

How to successfully blog part time with Sophie Cliff

So those are the podcasts for creatives that I’ve been listening to lately that I feel inspire me the most.  I asked on Twitter (find me here) the other day for more recommendations and so many of you came back with suggestions.  I’m going to spend the rest of January working my way through the list.  I’d love to know in the comments if you have any more!

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