Things That Have Made Me Happy Lately #10

Wow, it’s certainly been a while since I wrote a post like this.  Over a year in fact.  But I do truly believe that these sorts of posts are good for the soul.  It’s great to reflect over the thing that makes you happy.

  1. Disney World – I’m currently editing my videos from my most recent solo trip and I really love watching all the footage and reliving it.  I also have another trip booked in less than 6o days which is madness.  Disney World twice in one year is unheard of but I’m so excited for the next adventure.  You can find the Disney World playlist here.
  2. Spending time with my daddy – Last month my dad and I headed to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone for the weekend and ended up clocking in some serious daddy/daughter time.  It was lovely to reconnect and do something fun, just the two of us.
  3. Turning my passion into a job – Back in June I started my new job as a Social Media Manager and I am LOVING IT! I was also given the opportunity to reduce the time I spend at work to four days a week in the hope that I can continue to develop my Blog and YouTube channels
  4. Love Island – what am I going to do now it’s over? Oh I know, follow them all on Instagram and stalk their lives!
  5. Blogging – I’ve been plotting the relaunch of my blog for about two months now and while I’ve had to do a lot of boring behind the scenes stuff (like have my host switch my server etc…) I’m also enjoying the freedom of writing. So different to video editing but I love them both equally.
  6. Meeting online friends in real life – I recently met up with Emma who runs BrummyMummyof2 for a coffee and a catch-up and it was lovely to be able to bounce ideas off another local blogger.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the online world sometimes and forget that we all need a bit of real life interaction to keep us sane.
  7. Planning for Milan – Next month, Adam and I head for Milan for a few days to explore the city.  It will be the first time I’ve ever been to Italy and I’m already researching restaurants and where to get the best gelato.  If we love it, we’re looking to head to the Almafi coast next year.
  8. Retro video games – Adam and I recently set up our old Wii and downloaded a few retro games from the Playstation Store.  It’s hello Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon and kicking Adam’s butt on Wii Bowling!
  9. Planning for Florida (and all the content to go with it!!) – I sat down on Facetime with Brogan last week for two hours while we planned all our fast passes out for our trip in October.  It’s so close now and I am below excited.  I’m looking forward to trying new things and going back to old favourites.  We’ll be doing a few videos in September in the run up to our trip and you can always find lots of Disney content over on my Disney Channel on YouTube.
  10. Adam – I know this is mushy but how could I leave him off the list when he makes me smile every day.  We are complete polar opposites but somehow we make it work and are able to put a smile on each other’s faces.  He is so kind and so considerate and he really is my rock.  It took me a long time to trust again after being cheated on but somehow Adam has melted away any fears.

So there you have it, that’s what has made me smile lately.  Leave me a comment below and let me know what has made you smile.