D23: My Reaction to Disney World News!


So last weekend bought the return of D23; the number one Disney convention in the world and oh boy, did their parks and resorts panel drop some exciting news.

D23 Parks and Resorts Panel

Let’s jump straight into it, Disney World has got some seriously exciting changes in it’s future in all four of it’s theme parks.  There’s also new and exciting ventures in hotels and transport! Three words – fully immersive experience!  In this video I give you all the news regarding Walt Disney World and my reactions.  Am I happy? Sad?

Of course we’re loosing some absolute icons to make way for new rides but I couldn’t be happier at that – I love a bit of change.  So sit back an relax as I take you through the run down of what’s new at Walt Disney World!

I’m genuinely considering a D23 visit in the next couple of years.  There’s so much going on over the course of the weekend, I think it would be mad for a Disney fan like myself not to go…  Have any of you guys ever been?

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