Why Taking Time Off is Important

taking time off is important2016 has been an incredibly busy year in our house and Adam and I are both very guilty of working until we get tired or worse, poorly.  Even with annual leave from our jobs, we’re both continually busy; I tend to take my days off to do blog stuff which generally requires travel and Adam uses his to spend time with friends, which usually results in him burning the candle at both ends.  We sometimes forget why taking time off is important.

Besides the odd week/two week holiday we rarely take time off  in big chunks and I’ve forgotten how good it can be for the soul to do absolutely nothing.

As a blogger I love nothing more than using my weekends to create content, edit and brainstorm new ideas.  However this year I’ve felt like I’ve hit a brick wall with my blog; my YouTube I’m all good with, but my blog has rarely been updated.  At first I thought it was writers block but it turns out, it’s been something else: sheer tiredness.

Over Christmas I’ve had a whole five days where I’ve done absolutely nothing except eat, sleep, relax and look after myself and it has been marvellous.  I usually can’t lie in because of the constant ‘to do list’ whirling around my head but after two or three days of rest I’m more productive and finally the words are starting to flow.  By taking some time out for myself, I’m actually more likely to achieve my goals.

It’s reminded me how important it is not to move at 100 mile an hour every second of the day and take time for yourself.  Self care is something that not many of us prioritise but can have the biggest effect on our output.

Things I’ve enjoyed doing over the festive period include:

  • Eating (lots of eating)
  • Reading – I actually finished a book that wasn’t an audiobook for the first time in months
  • Game night with family
  • Lots of cinema visits to catch the latest films – we love the cinema and go often, but I usually feel guilty because it’s cutting into productivity time
  • Lying on my sofa and doing absolutely nothing for hours on end!

So I pledge that this year is going to be different.  Taking time off is important and I’m not denying it any longer. I’m no longer going to work myself to a headache or sickness or to the point where I just need to ‘veg on the sofa’.  At least twice a week I’m going to take some time for myself to relax without worrying about work, my blog and YouTube channel or my social media and more importantly, I’m putting myself and my wellbeing first.

So who’s with me?