New Year, New Me – My Goals for 2017

Actually the title to this post is a little misleading – I’m not changing at all because I’m already fabulous! (As are you all!)

Self love is something that none of us practice enough so my main resolution for 2017 is to do it more.  Isn’t it funny how we’re so reluctant to talk about our own achievements.  As women, we simply don’t shout about ourselves enough for fear of being called a brag or overconfident.  Working in recruitment, there is a stark difference between women and men when you ask them what their biggest achievement is at an interview.  For example, men tend to give me every detail without much prompt… women not so much.

I’m not going to harp on about it too much because quite frankly, I don’t think I can put it as eloquently as Laura Williams does in THIS post but just know that 2017 needs to be the year of self love and taking the leap.

What I do want to talk about thought is what I see myself doing this year.  Now obviously I don’t have a crystal ball and there are a few spoilers I can’t share but here are the ones that I can:

Blog Goals

For the first time in the history of my blog and YouTube channel, I have sat down and wrote out some clear blogging goals.  This includes where I want my content to be heading towards, how many posts and videos I want to do a month and number targets – yes the numbers aren’t important but they sure are nice to look at sometimes.  I feel like 2015/16 I stumbled around the blogosphere trying to decide where I fit in but this year I am more focused,  I’ve chosen my niche (which I believe to be travel, lifestyle and Disney – yeah OK not very niche like but still…) and all the content I develop will be tailored to one of those three areas.  You may have seen that I have a NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL. I have wanted to separate on my Disney and non Disney content for quite a while so I decided that the New Year was the best time to do it.  My new channel will focus on lifestyle and non Disney travel while my current channel will have all my Disney trips attached to it.

Financial Goals

Now obviously I’m not going to go into too much detail here but I’ve set myself some tough financial goals for 2017.  It’ll be practicing budgeting A LOT this year but I know in the long run I’ll be better off.  My attitude towards money has always been ‘buy that item – you could get hit by a bus tomorrow’ and while I still firmly believe that mantra, I feel like I need a fall back savings account you know, I’m case I’m not actually hit by a bus and live to be very old!

Travel Goals

I’ve made a list of places I want to visit this year and with the help of my new found budgeting should be able to get to most of them.  Adam and I have vowed to take more shorter weekend breaks in 2017 and see parts of the UK neither of us have seen as well as a few trips abroad.  The world is a big place and I’ve always been itching to see more of it.  Locations stretch from Europe to America to Asia, the world really is my oyster.

Personal Goals

As far as personal goals go, I haven’t made many.  I have vowed to pick up more books this year (currently reading ‘ by Sarah Knight) and eat less animal product.  I really want to try and go more plant based when we’re cooking at home if possible.  This is mainly for health benefits as I know dairy can be the number one cause of flaring up my IBS.  Getting Adam on board will be a challenge but I believe small, consistent changes are the way to go.  I’ve been making ‘resolutions’ for ten years or so now and I know what works and what doesn’t.  Going cold turkey on anything drives me to binge on the exact thing I want to avoid so it could take me nearly the whole of 2017 to make these changes… I’m cool with that.  I’d also like to stop hoarding so much junk but we can’t have everything in life…

So that’s what I hope to achieve in 2017; small but signifiant changes.  What goals have you set yourself for the year ahead?