2016: A Year in Review

20162016 has been full of twists and turns for everybody involved.  While most have been citing the year as the worst in a while, for some of us, it hasn’t been all bad.  I love writing round up posts because it gives me a fantastic opportunity to sit down and remember all the good things that have happened this year.  So here it is… my ‘2016 Year in Review’.

So I managed 11 days of dry January for 2016 – I was impressed haha!  We spent a lot of time exploring Chester, the place where Adam grew up.  Adam is a constant surprise me to and I love to learn about him.  Soppy I know!

February bought our Disneyland Paris do-over (after our failed trip during the Paris terrorist attacks in 2015).  Although the park was very busy, we still managed to have a great time with our friends.  But more importantly, February was the month I moved in with Adam.  We decided to take the jump and I can’t think of anybody I’d rather jump with.   Living together has it’s challenges but the amount of time I get to spend with Adam doing what seems like the most insignificant things makes up for these challenges ten times over.  I feel very lucky to have found somebody who understands my needs; who can give me space when I need it and vice versa.  It’s an exciting adventure.

Blogging has bought many ‘pinch me’ moments over the last four years and one of my favourite was in March when I was invited down the the Warner Brothers studio Tour to go behind the scenes of ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’.  We painted on actual goblin masks used in the movie and then got a private tour with a guide who would disappear, then reappear with magical props from the films that were not accessible or not even on display to the public.  I really love what I do and in that moment, I felt very grateful of the opportunities that blogging has afforded me.

I finally got to redeem my Christmas present at the bringing of April by seeing Adele live.  She was phenomenal and I’m so enthralled to be able to say I’ve seen her in person.  Her ability to captivate an arena into silence is awe-inspiring.   I thought Adele was the best concert I’d ever go to… until I saw Hans Zimmer in the middle of the month. WOW OH WOW!  At the end of April, after months of waiting it was finally time to go to Disney World.  This was actually Adam and mine’s first holiday alone and we couldn’t have been more excited for it.  We filmed our whole trip, creating vlogs, not only for your enjoyment but for ours too.

The trip continued into May and I can honestly say it was the best Disney trip of my life.  I experienced the full  Disney dining plan for the first time and sampled a few of Disney’s signature restaurants.  If you haven’t heard me harping on about The Yachtsman, have you even been following my social media?  My heart truely does belong to Disney world and I hope it won’t be long before I get to go back.

June was a constant reminder of love and happiness with my favourite part being attending my friend’s wedding.  I’ve been very lucky to meet a whole host of people through my job and some I would absolutely call friends for life.  It was an honour to attend and share in two people’s special day and it reminded me of what is important in this world…. and it isn’t anything material!  Adam also took me on a day trip to Liverpool, a city I’ve never really explored before and I can’t wait to go back.

July is proof that Disneyland Paris is just as much fun with friends, as it is with Adam.  Steph and I headed to Disneyland for a few days of fun in the sun. Beach and vodka have never been my idea of a girly holiday – Disneyland was much more up my street.    We purchased annual passes using a discount from our lovely friend Chelsea and we were on our way!  Steph was amazing in the planning of it all and it was fun to have a companion that understood why I wanted photos in a certain way and to be on hand to remind PhotoPass photographers that it’s actually their job to take more than one photo.  I hope we get a repeat of our trip next year because it was super enjoyable.

Another year older in August and maybe another year wiser.  I was spoilt rotten for my 27th birthday. Adam wined and dined me at what is now my favourite restaurant in Birmingham – Adam’s.  With each birthday I am reminded that getting older is a privilege not afforded to all – although I wince slightly at the thought of getting closer to 30!

If there was a month of food this year (besides December) it was September. Owing to my blog, I went to five different restaurant openings or press events.  I cooked my first pie and went wine tasting for the first time which was so much fun.  Sometimes we give very little thought to what we put in our bodies so even though it was an indulgence, it was nice to learn more about the wine industry and sample wines I’ve never even heard of before.

October felt like the calm before the storm.  I spend a lot of October trying to relax (and mostly failing miserably at it).  My mind was a constant whir of ideas for my blog, my YouTube, my home, my relationship.  But being so tired, I never really got to put any of them into motion.  I’ve vowed to never be so tired I can’t do anything again.

November bought professional achievements to the forefront with me earning an ambassador award at work.  It’s my companies form of high praise and it was nice to be recognised for everything I do at a higher level.  It’s given me some great motivation for the year ahead.  We also saw Aladdin on the west end for the first time with Adam’s sister and boyfriend.  I’ve been so lucky that Adam’s family have made me feel so welcome and that we get opportunities to do things like this.  We also spent the last few days of the month back at Disneyland Paris for their Christmas celebrations.  It’s my favourite time of year and I like to start celebrating it early!

Ahhhhhh December!  After a spur of the moment decision on the last night in November, I decided that I wanted to try vlogmas 2016 for the first time which was actually a hella lotta fun.  So much so that I’ve decided to continue daily vlogging in 2017 (over on my NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL).

So that’s it, my 2016 year in review.  When you write down all the good things that have happened to you, the world never seems quite as bad.  2017 will bring lots of surprises and challenges of it’s own and I’m looking forward to facing them head on.  I’ll be posting my resolutions tomorrow so they can forever be inscribed on the internet and haunt me until I achieve them.

So goodbye 2016, it hasn’t been all bad.  See you tomorrow for a new year…