Lobby on Hill Street: Birmingham’s Newest Hotel Hotspot!

pa206418 pa206429 pa206430 pa206436 Birmingham is currently going through huge changes as it continues to shed it’s image of a grey, depressing city – SPOILER – It hasn’t been like that for a long time!  Regeneration is happening all over the city, including the Holiday Inn at the bottom of Hill Street.  Work has already started on some of the bedroom and of course, the lobby area which is now home to a brand new bar and eatery – Lobby on Hill Street.

A few weeks ago I was invited down to sample the new menu available at Lobby on Hill Street.  If I were to describe it in a few words I’d use: Quirky and Fun.  By day, it’s a fully functioning Starbucks, by night it’s one of Birmingham’s newest bars and restaurants (although I was assured Starbucks will still be readily available at 1am – perfect when you need that mid night out pick me up!)

We started the night with cocktails and were treated to a cocktail masterclass which Lobby on the Hill will be offering.  This would be perfect for hen parties or just a get together to make some tasty drinks.  I made and sampled the passionfruit margarita

As part of the launch we were invited to pick one of the items off the menu to try before a buffet selection of other food on the menu.  Diners can choose three dishes for £14 and there is a range of tasty choices on the menu.  For my dish, I opted for the most hipster pot noodle you’ll ever see in your life.  Beautifully fresh and cooked before your eyes, it’s a spicy taste sensation.  Fresh ingredients are bought out in a kilner jar before hot water is poured in and left to brew for a couple of minutes.pa206433-1pa206441

We were then treated to a frenzie of food from the menu including posh cheesy chips, mac and cheese balls, chicken wings and the FAMOUS chip butty.  Now this isn’t your normal chip butty, I’m not sure what butter they’re slapping on that bread but my god it tastes good.  However what I will say, is that I’m not sure I’d pay just over £4 for it – maybe if it was served with a side of chips and some fancier bread – it just seems… expensive.

Overall, the regeneration of the Holiday Inn and Lobby on Hill Street is a welcome addition to the surroundings of Grand Central Station.  As the entire area surrounding the hotel is going through a change, it will soon be joined by other eateries around the area which is only positive for the people of Birmingham.  Lobby on Hill Street would be a great choice for a business meeting, light lunch or a stop off for drinks on a night one.  Even more perfect if you’re staying in the Holiday Inn where you’ll only be a hop, skip and a jump away from bed.