Wine Tasting at 1000 Trades, Birmingham

1000 trades wine tastingLocated on Fredrick Street, 1000 Trades is a recent edition to the Jewellery Quarter’s lively drinking scene.  1000 Trades are a neighbourhood bar and kitchen bringing new life to one of Jewellery Quarter’s many listed buildings.  The idea behind 1000 Trades is to celebrate all forms of crafts.  Today’s craft, is wine tasting – purely natural wine, sourced from vine yards all over the world.

Last week, Adam and I were invited down to a wine tasting event in 1000 Trades.  Hosted by Sam Olive (from Wine Freedom) & Tom Craven (Vinnaturo)  the first task was to establish each persons wine preference.  By using a simple quiz, Sam was able to establish exactly what sort of palette we have and prove that everybody will taste something different even though they can all be drinking the same wine.1000-trades-1 1000-trades-3

I discovered that it is likely I am in the 12% of the country who have the very refined taste buds.  This means I struggle with bitter tasting food and drink and it is the probable cause of my distaste for red wine (I am yet to find one that I can tolerate). This information in itself was useful and explains exactly why no matter how many red I try, i may never enjoy them.  Sam said that I could find one, one day but it could take a few to get there.  It also explains why my favourite wine is a Riesling – the sweeter the better!

Wine Freedom & Vinneaturo source ‘handcrafted wines’ made by passionate people.  They bring ‘natural’ wines – meaning that there is as little chemical added to them as possible.  We listened to Tom’s stories about his wine makers and their cellars.  It was fascinating to hear about these independent wine makers and their stories while Sam dished out wines for us to try.p9220257 p9220262

We sampled a number of different wines including reds, whites, roses and orange (um, never heard of orange wine before).  None were as sweet as I prefer although I have it on good authority from Adam that the reds (Sangiovese and Tempranillo) were quite delightful. For the first few we sat at tables but for the last couple we all mingled together.  1000 trades also provided a few cheese boards to keep us all going.

It was Adam and I’s first wine tasting event and we really enjoyed it.  We’re looking forward to seeking out some more in the future.

Keep an eye on the 1000 Trades website for more events like this.  There’s a whole host of thing planned and I can’t wait to attend the venue again.