What I Got For My Birthday 2016

what I got for my birthdaywhat i got for my birthday 1

I think there are some YouTube videos that people will admit are their ‘guilty pleasure’. Mine happen to be ‘what I got for my birthday’ ones.  I’ll openly admit that I’m a nosy so and so, so I love to see what other people get for their birthdays… Hey, at least I’m upfront about that! I’m not entirely sure why I love to see, after all, birthdays are not a competition and I for one am more impressed with thoughtful, sentimental gifts rather than ones that just cost a lot of money.

So, as they are my favourite types of videos to watch, I really enjoy making them too.  As I say in the video, it’s not about bragging – it’s about making content that I genuinely love. And I do genuinely love birthday videos so why wouldn’t I want to make one too?

I was a super lucky girl this year (as I am every year to be honest) and have been overly spoilt by my friends and family.  I’m so grateful for every gift that I get and I know I am privileged to be in this position. I received some super lovely bits this year and I’ve popped all the links in the description bar on the video.  I’ve also had some beautiful cards, which much to Adam’s dismay, I may never throw away. Does anybody else do that – keep their card for years?

So grab a cup of tea, sit back and relax and enjoy my ‘what I got for my birthday’ video.  If you want to see what I got up to during my birthday week, you can also catch up with my weekly vlog here!  I’ve also penned some thoughts on how I feel about turning 27 **spoiler alert** I’m more excited than I was about turning 26 last year.