My Office Space: The Disney Edition

office space 2Since moving into our new flat, I’ve become obsessed with home interiors and how I can make our home stylish whist still retaining the ‘us’ factor.  Now, this set up is probably quite far from stylish but it is very us.  Tucked away in the corner of our master bedroom is my little office space.  Although we have a huge living room and a spare room, we’ve chosen to put my desk in our bedroom.  The reason being that the living room is too distracting and the spare room too snug.

I’m so pleased with how this little area has turned out.  It’s right by our balcony door so the corner is filled with light and I’ve tidied it up a bit because a tidy desk = a tidy mind.

office space 1 office space 3Obviously my sits front and centre and even though I occasionally set up in the kitchen with my laptop, it’s still the machine I do the majority of my blog and vlog work off.  Sitting above my desk are some wonderful Disney prints I ordered from Etsy.  They are of the four Disney World theme parks – Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom.  Each print depicts some of the parks most famous landmarks as a skyline of blues, pinks and purples.  They brighten up the corner which is very white and clean.

The cute Stitch pieces are recent additions that I got for my birthday.  The Stitch figurine is actually a pen, although I don’t think I’ll ever use it as one.  The Stitch notebooks were a gift from my work mates and make the perfect platform for my Cheshire Cat mug which acts as a spacious pen holder.

office space 4office space 5Other bits on the desk include my battery and memory card holder – the glass box which I picked up on a whim and my desk weekly planner which I (and occasionally Adam) leave myself little notes on so I know what blog stuff must be completed in the week ahead.  There in the background you can see my vlog camera, the and while they don’t make this one anymore there is a Mark II version which looks great.

So that’s my office space – somewhere I can focus on creating content with minimal distractions.  Minimal is the key word lately in how we want our apartment to me.  Well fairly minimal anyway… One step at a time.