Vlogging Our Disney World Holiday


IMG_9485If you’re a subscriber over on my YouTube channel, you’ll know that every Sunday I post a daily vlog from our April 2016 Florida holiday.  If you’re not a subscriber then you might not know this! So I’m here to tell you all about it.  I loved vlogging our Disney World holiday and I’m here to share with you exactly why I do it.

I get asked all the time as to why I’m choosing to share our holiday with a world of strangers.  The truth is, is that the videos are first and foremost for Adam and I.  We love sitting down to re-watch our holiday videos and we preview every one together with a glass of wine before it goes live on YouTube. Perfect I hear you say, but why change it to public?  The truth is, is that I love sharing our Disney life with everybody because I feel like it’s giving back.  I get so many hints and tips from of Disney World bloggers and vloggers and I hope that we can help or inspire somebody, somewhere to try something new at Disney World.

I love it when you guys email me to tell me how much you’ve enjoyed the vlog or that you’ve been to a restaurant on our recommendation.   So many of you tell me that you’ve been to Yak & Yeti because I’ve recommended it and have absolutely loved it (it is a pretty great restaurant!).  It just makes me super happy inside that somebody has found the vlog useful as they take a lot of love and dedication to make.

My top tip for anybody who is thinking of vlogging their Disney World holiday (or any holiday for that matter) is to not live it through the camera.  It’s so easy to think you need to whip your camera out for every moment but the truth is you really don’t.  You still need to keep some moments for yourself.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the first episode of our April 2016 trip to Disney World.  You can find the link for the Disney World 2016 playlist here.