Turning 27.


Continuing my birthday tradition, I thought I’d put down some thoughts to share with you on the day I turn 27 (or just after – it’s been a busy birthday week this year – you can see what I got up to in my Birthday Vlog).

27. Wow. I thought I’d be a little bit down in the dumps because it’s another year closer to 30. But actually, I’m feeling rather good about it.  When I turned 26, I was actually a little upset about it.  I think it was something to do with the fact that I had actually waved goodbye to my early 20’s. POOF, Gone! But this year I feel very differently. I feel excited for 27.  And amazingly…

I think I finally feel like a grown up!

Well, kind of.

I still have to call my mum to ask laundry questions and I still can’t sew a button (might learn how to do that this year!)

I still don’t know what I want to do with my life or what I want to do when I grow up but I’m learning a bit for about myself everyday. My main life lesson has been to ‘just do me’ and worry about everybody else later. Selfish? Maybe. But I’ve spent most of my 20’s trying to please others and who has that made happy?. Not me. So going forward, I’m doing what I want to do. Of course, there will be some considerations but I know the people I have around me now, love and support me in most the things I do!

Leading on from that, I also feel very lucky this year. Lucky that I am surrounded by wonderful people and that finally all of the toxic people have left the building. It really does make all the difference. At 21, I thought I needed more friends that I could count but as I’ve gone through my 20’s I’ve really learnt that it doesn’t matter if you only have a handful of friends as long as they are loyal and supportive and have your back!  You really don’t need anybody else.

I’m tired of being scared of getting older.  It’s actually a privilege not afforded to everybody.  So I’m grabbing 27 by the balls (or the foof) and making it my best year yet.  This is the year I push myself, step out of my comfort zone and ‘just say yes‘!  In the past I’ve been so scared of putting myself out there fully and just being myself and I’m tired.  It all goes back to trying to please others and I’ve already said goodbye the that!

So here’s to 27 and making it the best year yet! I wouldn’t go back to being 21 if you paid me.