Disneyland Paris Bucket List

disneyland paris bucket listI’m excited to head off to Disneyland Paris on Wednesday with my friend Steph for the fifth time in my life!  As most of you know I’m certainly a Florida girl at heart but I still get the excited buzz about visiting Disneyland Paris.  I love Sleeping Beauty’s castle in it’s own right.  I especially love going upstairs and staring at the stain glass windows – they’re just so colourful and pretty!

There still seems to be so much that I haven’t done at Disneyland Paris and there is also so much there that I love to do!  Here ere are a few of the things I hope to tick off the Disneyland Paris bucket list this time around and some old favourites that are a must do each time I go!

Get my annual pass for Disneyland Paris

Yes, it is FINALLY happening.  I’m getting an annual pass so I can keep on going back to the magic in between my Florida visits.  Getting it at this time of year means that I will be able to visit for the parks 25 year anniversary in April 2017.

Meet rare characters

Disneyland Paris has a habit of sending out rare characters every now and then.  Of course my main goal would be Hercules and Meg but I’ll happily take any that are doing the rounds in WDW.

Meet Bell Boy Goofy

If you’ve been a reader of this blog for a while, you’ll know that

See the new ‘Mickey and the Magician Show’

Not much is known about this show because it only opened this weekend but it’s bileld as an illusionist show.  It’s running until January 2017 so you’ve got plenty of time to check it out.

Ride Ratatouille

The last time I went to Disneyland Paris the queue for the Rtatouille ride was 2 hours long.  Now I’m a huge Disney and a huge ride fan but even I know you can do so much in two hours!  So I’m hoping that in my next trip I can at least get on once!

Stay late until after closing and take pictures on Main Street

One of my favourite things to do is to stay until after the park closes and take some special pictures on a less crowed main street.  I’ve done it in both DLP and WDW before but this time I’m going with Steph who is a super duper photographer so I’ll be sure to get those shots in!

Ride Tower of Terror two times in a row!

Nothing gets my adrenaline going like riding Tower of Terror more than once in a row.  Got to be done.

Watch Disney Dreams from Main Street

There is something really special about Disney Dreams.  The combination of a projection show on Sleeping Beauty’s castle and fireworks gives it the slight edge over Wishes at Magic Kingdom in Florida.  Don’t tell anybody, but I like it more than Wishes.

Get lost in Alice’s Curious Labyrinth!

I really love that no Disney park is exactly the same as the other.  One of my favourite attractions at Disneyland Paris is Alice’s Curious Labyrinth.  I love getting lost with the characters and climbing the tower to get the perfect shot of Fantasyland.

Eat at Bistrot Chez Remy

While the rumours about food at Disneyland Paris may be true, I hear Bistrot Chez Remy is the exception.  I can’t wait to visit!

Eat Nutella smothered crepes and waffles

Breakfast at DLP wouldn’t be breakfast if it doesn’t involve some kind of crepe or waffle smothered in Nutella.  You can pick these up from inside the Disney village area and I fully intend to have one every morning for breakfast on my next trip.

Get scared on Phantom Manor

Ok, not quite getting scared but riding Phantom Manor is a MUST for me.  Adam and I love the Haunted Mansion in Magic Kingdom  so much we rode it 12 times on our last visit.  Phantom Manor is just as creepy.