Cocktail Making at All Bar One, Newhall Street

All Bar One P6161245Last week, I was invited down to All Bar One, Newhall Street to attend a cocktail making class with some fellow bloggers.  Cocktail making classes seem to be all the rage at the moment.  I’ve seen them being done as part of every event from birthdays to hen-do’s.  I didn’t even know that All Bar One did cocktail making classes so it was a pleasant surprise when the invite landed in my inbox.

We were greeted by the lovely Bar Manager at All Bar One, Newhall Street.  Not many of you may know this (I didn’t) but All Bar One is actually aimed at women and it’s whole design is to make women feel comfortable on a night out; from the decor to the drinks available.  The cocktail making classes have originated from that mantra and are certainly proving popular.

The cocktail making class takes place right at the back of the bar, away from the busy bar area by the entrance.  The table is pre laid with all the bits and pieces that you need to create the perfect cocktail including shakers and strainers!  A fully customisable menu is made available at every work station along with all the ingredients needed.  To make the experience even more fun, the four of us were split into two teams and we had the chance to earn points as the night went on.  you know what points mean… PRIZES!

After coming up with team names, we started with the classic mojito.  Mojitos are one of my favourite cocktails (until I made the other two).  I love the combination of the lime, mint and sugar syrup.  I made mine a little sweeter than people usually have them but what can I say, I like the sweet stuff!

After the Mojito came the ‘French Martini’ which actually originated in New York in the 80’s.  It’s very ‘Sex and the City’ and very tasty too! Made with Chambord and pineapple juice, it tastes fresh and delicious!  I’ve never tried one before, but I’m now a serious fan.

P6161263 P6161276

The final cocktail we made was the ‘Disaronno Sour’ which contains, you guessed it, Disaronno!  Now I’m a big Amaretto fan, usually with my coke or with a splash of orange juice.  I’ve never thought of putting it with pineapple and lemon juice.  This one also contains sugar syrup and I again, opted for an extra splash to make it a little sweeter and I ended up winning the prize for the best tasting cocktail!  This ‘Disaronno Sour’ was the one that surprised me the most and the one that I think I’d actually drink again on a regular basis.  The Disaronno combined with the tanginess of the pineapple juice really hit the spot.

I really enjoyed the cocktail making session and would certainly do another.  It costs £15 per person for an hour and a half which is great value when you think that it makes each cocktail a fiver each.  I also love that All Bar One on Newhall Street, I think that many people forget it’s there when there are two others in the city centre.