Things That Have Made Me Happy Lately #9

Do you know what?  My reflection posts are some of my favourite posts here on my blog.  I think it’s because life can get crazy-busy and we sometimes forget to evaluate what we’ve done and enjoyed.  Writing these posts make me smile no end and even if nobody ever reads them, I don’t care.  I know that they’re here for me to come back and read anytime I want.  An induced goofy smile is pretty much guaranteed.things that make me happy

  1. Re-living my Disney World adventure – You’re probably sick of hearing about this by now but I’m releasing a vlog a week from my Disney World trip in April/May this year over on my YouTube channel.  The editing process had been improved about a million percent because I’m getting so much enjoyment from re-watching the content.  In fact, sometimes I just sit and watch all the unedited clips and forget to edit.
  2. Watching Adam get involved with my biggest passion – He really took vlogging at Disney World in his stride and I love that he’s also quite excited about the vlogs.  He requests his own private viewing party before it goes live and I can see the happiness all over his face at the fact that he gets to relive his holiday too.
  3. My audience – You guys really are THE BEST!  I love that you all send me snapchats of absolutely ANYTHING to do with Disney. It makes me smile when I see one of you in the Disney Store, watching your favourite Disney movie or on your Disney World holiday… (ok, kind of jealous at the last one!)  My username is lilmisschickas if you want to get involved!
  4. Meeting new friends – Disney friends are the best friends and I met a couple of you in WDW and have been bumping into you at home too.  It’s so lovely to hear all about your lives as sometime blogging can feel very one sided.  I love to know the people who support me daily too!
  5. Buying knives – Yes you read that correctly but hey I am 26 and have to think about these things.  The Northerner and I are slowing making our house a home and it’s the little things – like being able to chop food – that make us both happy!
  6.  Cinema dates – At the beginning of this year, we bought ourselves Unlimited cards for our local cinema.  I was dubious at the time as I like going the cinema to see the films I want to see but other than that I’m not fussed.  But now I’m so glad Adam talked me into it and I really love our weekly cinema date.  It’s opened my eyes up to films and genres I never thought I’d be interested it. Favourite ‘non Charlotte’ film of the year so far – Spotlight – or The Big Short.
  7.  Rewatching Sex and the City – Sky just added it onto their boxsets.  Goodbye productivity!
  8. Getting back into blogging – you may have noticed that posts have been few and far between this year.  My YouTube channel has certainly taken over.  While I take a break from weekly vlogs (they’ll be back soon!) I figured this is the perfect opportunity to kick start my blog writing again.  I’ve got some really great posts coming up.  I’ve got my blogging mojo back!
  9. Summer – Sunshine.  It means afterwork drinks will be back on the roof terraces in no time!
  10. And finally… I hit 8,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel.  If you know me, you’ll know that I go through stages with my blog where I feel on top of the world about it, and then feel really worthless (usually after I’ve compared myself to somebody else) so even though this is a small number, it’s a huge milestone for me.  I really am so chuffed about it!