Almost Famous – Liverpool Restaurant Review

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Sometimes, you eat a burger that is so good, you can’t stop raving about it.  It happened to me last weekend.  Adam and I visited Liverpool for the day and when we got the munchies, we decided to pay a visit to Almost Famous.  It was recommended to us by Adam’s sister who is pretty spot on when it comes to good food!

Almost Famous have four restaurants across the north of England; two in Manchester, one in Liverpool and one in Leeds.  We struggled to find the one in Liverpool as from the outside, it doesn’t look like a restaurant.  It also doesn’t have it’s name on the outside (that we saw).  It looks like a disused factory type place.  You can’t make a reservation as in Almost Famous’ own words “it’s burgers – chill out and turn up” so if they’re busy you could have a wait.  We however, walked straight in as we timed it for just before the dinner rush.

I really liked the vibe of the place.  I guess it’s very ‘in’ at the moment to have that grungy doesn’t-look-clean-but-really-is-clean look and Almost Famous have nailed their theme to a tee.  There is graffiti on the walls, paint peeling off the chairs and whole kitchen rolls on the table (which you will absolutely need!)

“When will I, will I be (almost) Famous”

We started with cocktails.  I went for a ‘Haribo Smash’ which tasted like I was drinking a bag of Star Mix.  Adam went for a ‘Bitch Juice’ – a gin based cocktail with fruit (his words not mine).  Both were really good and I’d been keen to try a few more when we go back.  Because we will be going back…

Onto the main event and Adam really went for it, ordering the ‘Johnny Mac’ (applewood & cheddar cheese, streaky bacon, trailer trash onions, Cool Doritos, Million Island sauce and Winning ketchup) and his reaction…

“Good Burger that…”

Trust me that is high praise.  He enjoyed the addition of the Doritos for an extra crunch – although, due to the size of the burger, he had to eat it with a knife and fork.  I’m a bit more reserved with my burger choices and went for a ‘Famous’ (Cheese, salad stack, Famous sauce, Winning ketchup – minus the ketchup).  The double patty’s were tender and juicy and worked well with the sweet buns.

My only gripe with the whole meal was when we ordered the ‘Winning’ fries.  Winning fries are meant to be a mixture of skin on potato fries and sweet potato ones.  Except there was only about five sweet potato fries in there. Not what I’d call winning.

Overall though, we really enjoyed Almost Famous and will certainly be returning.  If you’re not into burgers, the rest of the menu is pretty limited but based on what the guy at the table next too us ordered, the ‘crack wings’ looked really good.  You can find the Almost famous menu HERE!