Ghd Air Hairdryer. Get Dry Hair Fast!

Every so often an item comes along and even though you didn’t think you needed it before, you can’t imagine it not being in your life.  I never thought I’d be uttering this statement about a hairdryer.  I was sent the GHD Air hairdryer* back in March and i’ve been giving it a good road test ever since.  The reason that it’s taken me so long to review… I’m not a hairdryer hair drier…  I usually leave my hair to dry naturally and then throw a bit of product in before work the next morning.  But when you’re on the go and have to wash your hair between work and the next social engagement, the hairdryer is your best friend.ghd air

ghd air hairdryerI’m going to get straight down to it; I have super thick hair and it can be a real chore to sit there using heat to get it right.  But the GHD Air is so quick.  Even on the cooler setting it still makes fast work of getting my hair dry.  It has two heat setting and I find the cooler of the two does the job well enough that I’ll never have to use the super hot one.  It also have two setting for the power of the dry.  I admit i always go for the more powerful, mainly down to finding the hair drying process quite tedious (It use to take me over an hour when I was a teenager… seriously!)

Also it’s so lightweight.  I’ve owned a few hairdryers over the years and they’ve all been big and bulky.  The GHD Air, while big is so lightweight that I wasn’t even concerned in it weighing my case down when I took it to Florida last month!  It’s also super quite.  This has gone down well with Adam when I’ve been blowdrying my hair at gone midnight because I’ve come in late and can’t face getting out of bed early but also cannot face going to bed with soaking wet hair.

It’s sleek and stylish and I love the silver trim (I’m still a silver girl, not quite at rose gold yet!).  It’s been a great addition to the ‘Team let’s get Charlotte’s hair dry as pain free as possible’.  You can pick up the GHD Air Hairdryer from the website.

*PR Sample