Disneyland Paris Vlogs

For the newbies around here, did you know I have a YouTube channel and I vlog all things Disney?  I’ve recently uploaded vlogs from my trip to Disneyland Paris with Adam and our friends in February.  I figured that I don’t really share my videos with you guys on my blog anymore… In fact, I know my blog has been suffering a lot since I switched to weekly vlogging on YouTube.  So I think I’m going to change that, because I still love this little blog but am also super passionate about my YouTube channel and showing you all my adventures! Starting with my Disneyland Paris Vlogs!

disneyland paris vlogs

Disneyland Paris Vlogs

So here I am, sharing my latest disney adventures with you all again.  I loved my trip to Disneyland Paris and recorded it for you, every step of the way.  We went to Disney for a whirlwind two day tour at the beginning of February and I’ve got four vlogs to show you in total.  I covered off lots of exciting things such as Space mountain 2, The Twilight Zone – Tower of Terror, The Backlot Tour (which has now gone from Florida – sob!), meeting the main man himself – Mickey Mouse and a whole host of other rides and activities.

When’s the next adventure…

I really hop you enjoy my Disneyland Paris vlogs. As most of you already know, I’m going to Walt Disney World in Florida this month so there will be plenty of vlog action in the future.  be sure to subscribe to my channel so that my Disney World vlogs drop right into your subscription boxes!!  I’m also a huge fan of watching disney trip vlogs so I’m look out for my post on who to follow if you’re desperate for your Disney fix!!