Fiesta del Asado Restaurant Review

Fiesta del asadoFiesta del asadoLast week I was kindly invited to go down and check out Fiesta del Asado, based on the Hagley Road which is just outside the city centre.  Owned by Lasan Group who also own Lasan – winner of The F Word, Raja Monkey and Nosh and Quaff (review here) Fiesta was Birmingham’s first Argentine Asado restaurant and was added to Lasan Groups portfolio back in 2012.

The Northerner and I headed down on a rainy Monday night and for a Monday, it was fairly busy.  Now I’m not amazing at describing decor but there was lots of wood, a roaring fire and the feeling that you were eating in a cosy Argentinian kitchen, surrounded by dressers filling with trinkets and traditional Argentinian art hanging on the walls. The dim light add to the atmosphere and we were surrounded by people catching up with friends over a glass of red and a good steak.

P2290939 P2290963 P2290968We started with Gambas al ajillo (tiger prawns) and Pastel de cangrejo (crab cake).  I actually had a bit of food envy over TN’s crab cake and sweetcorn salsa although I’d hardy made a bad ordering choice myself.  My prawns were half shelled and coated in sobrasdo, chilli and garlic so there was more than a little kick to them.

The best thing about the visit – the steak.  Oh lordy, the steak is good.  I’ve been to steak restaurants who haven’t got steak right but Fiesta del Asado have got it right on so many levels.  I had the Bife de lomo 11oz fillet on the bone cooked medium which meant it was more medium rare towards the bone – something that I’ve become totally OK with as I’ve got older.  I can’t believe I ever ordered my steak well done – WHAT!?!  There’s no other way to describe it: it was a hunk of meat thrown onto the grill, cooked to perfection, then served on a bed of rocket.  One of the less fatty steaks on the menu, it was tender and pulled apart with ease.

P2290969 P2290971 P2290980 P2290981The Northerner went for the lamb as we wanted to vary our meals – OK I asked him if he’d have something other than steak.  The lamb shanks were grilled, cooked medium just how he had requested it and came off the bone well (can you tell I asked him to describe them there – but I guess it’s all you really need to hear).

One thing that you need to be aware of is that you order your meat and any sides will be an additional cost but at £1.99 each, it’s hardly breaking the bank.  We opted for fries and sweet potato mash which was smooth and creamy.  The fries were coated in a delicious parsley and garlic coating and were the perfect accompaniment to the meat.

P2290974 P2291016 P2291011Pudding was chocolate fondue for The Northerner and after being recommended by a friend on twitter, I opted for the orange pancakes served with vanilla ice cream.  Pancakes aren’t my usual thing for dessert and in all honesty I wish I’d ordered the fondue too after watching it melt all over The Northerner’s plate, but they were good as far as pancakes go and the orange sauce and fresh oranges were delicious.

With a glass of wine and a coke, the mean came in to just over the £90 mark which is what we expected for three courses and hardly any alcohol.  On the whole, we really loved Fiesta del Asado and will certainly be back.  We have friends coming to Birmingham in May from up north and we’re considering booking the table to show them just how Birmingham is when it comes to food.  It’s got me even more excited to try Lasan which is absolutely on the ‘to do list’ before the year is out.

P2291007 P2290996You can find the full menu for Fiesta del Asado HERE.

*We were kindly given a meal allowance by Fiesta del Asado off the bill and put the rest of the money ourselves to pay for this meal.  As always, views are my own.