Life Update – New Adventures

disneyland paris, life update

Regular readers of my blog (if there are any of you left that is…) will have noticed that I’ve been notably absent since my Moving from Blogger to WordPress post way back in January.  So I thought I’d give you a quick life update because boy, is there lots to update you on!

Disneyland Paris

Back at the start of February I took a quick trip over to Disneyland Paris with The Northerner and a couple of friends.  This was our makeup trip for when we were suppose to go in November but it was closed because of the atrocious attacks in Paris.  We were suppose to be there for four days and even though we made it into the Disney Village and the Disneyland Hotel, I was heartbroken when we never made it into the parks.  This time however we made it in, but we were only there for the weekend – we hoped on a plane at 6:45am on the Saturday and was home again on Sunday evening at 8:45pm – very fleeting.  We squeezed so much into our two days that we were absolutely exhausted when we got home.  I think it took about a week to recover but it was great practice for Florida which is so close now that I could burst with excitement.  If you love watching Disney vlogs, I’ll be posting some from my Paris trip very soon!

Creating a Home

The other ‘big thing’ that has been happening in my life is ‘THE BIG MOVE’.  Last weekend, I moved with The Northerner into our own flat.  It’s been one of best but stressful processes to go through.  Anybody who has had to deal with an estate agent will know that chocolate teapots are of more use to you! Our families have been phenomenal – painting, building furniture, moving boxes and gifting us money and new items to make our home look lovely.  It’s obviously still in the very early stages at the moment – my clothes are still in boxes and my wardrobes are being built as we speak but I’m excited to see what we can do with our new space.  I’ve spent most of this week in the depths of Pinterest, looking for inspiration for every room.

For those of you that are as nosy as i am and love a good moving vlog, I’ve been vlogging the whole move over on my YouTube channel.

Life in General

And then there has been life in general.  I’m really enjoying my work at the moment but it can be tiring.  So the last thing I’ve been feeling like doing is coming home and getting back in front of a computer screen.  My blog is just not as active as it once was.  I’ve accepted that, but I still get a buzz when I have a great idea for a post and am eager to write.  YouTube seems to have taken over my life lately and I’m really into weekly vlogging so I’ve been prioritising that over creating blog content.  I’m hoping to find a nice balance between all the things I love to do.  Over the last year and a half, I’ve been very lucky to develop a fantastic set of work friends who I love nothing more than going for a few after work bevvies with in the week.  It’s so nice to work somewhere where the people are really great and I’m not scrambling away from as quick as I can at 5pm.  I’m obviously still loving spending time with The Northerner and out honeymoon period is far from over.  moving in has bought us closer and I love nothing more than cooking a fantastic meal for us and chowing down before curling up on the sofa for films and snuggles… (I refuse to say Netflix and Chill… I just did, didn’t I… DAMN IT!)

So that’s were I’ve been.  I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this little life update.  As I said, I’m going to try and focus on writing some more content for my blog over the next couple of months and get back to a regular posting schedule.  Even if that means only posting once or twice a week!  But thanks to those who are still with me on my journey of discovering life in my twenties.  It’s been one hell of a ride!