What I got for Christmas 2015

what i got for christmaswhat i got for christmasI know that these types of posts can be a bit hit and miss in the blogging world.  Some people love ’em, and some people hate them.  Marmite anybody?  But I thought I’d write a post about what I got for Christmas… or rather I’d write a post and show you via YouTube what I got for Christmas. p.s how many Terry’s Chocolate Orange’s please?

I’m an incredibly lucky lady who is surrounded by kind and generous people.  When you look at all the things in your life, the thing that makes me smile the most is my friends and family.  Yes, presents at Christmas are lovely to receive but for me, it’s all about spending time with my family, who I don’t see as often as I would like to.  Christmas day for me is spent with my mum and her family at my aunties where we have a huge dinner with a minimum of 10 people around the table.  I love our tradition of pulling obscure crackers… this year it was Bayliss and Harding and we got bubble bath but NO joke or party hat… outrageous!  I then spend Boxing Day with my Dad as it’s also his birthday.  There’s lots more food and sitting by the fire.

This year I went to my boyfriend’s parents house up north for the whole period in between Christmas and going back to work and it was lovely to have some time ‘off the grid’.  I didn’t blog and limited my time on social media.  We played board games (I kicked his ass at Monopoly), went to see Everton play and hibernated with the Now TV box.  We also bough Cineworld Unlimited cards in preparation for the kick ass year ahead!

So sit back, relax and I hope you enjoy my video.  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, however you spent it.  Let me know in the comments what was your favourite part of Christmas this year?

What I got for Christmas