Tinder and Voldemort – Q&A

Tinder thumbnailPossibly the most random title I’ve ever used for a blog post but who doesn’t love a bit of dating and voldey?  I thought I’d let you love lot over here on my blog know that I’ve just popped up a Q&A video on my YouTube channel for your enjoyment.  I got so many questions when I asked on Instagram and I love the fact that 75% of the questions that come in are Disney/ Disney World related – they’re my favourite types of questions!  I discuss everything from my Disney family to why I started blogging and making YouTube videos.

I also talk about how I met The Northerner as he seems to be a big hit in my weekly vlogs when he makes his special guest appearances.  So go grab yourself a cuppa (or if you’re like me and you hate tea, a nice cold beverage) and I really hope you enjoy the video.  I really enjoy filming these types of videos as I feel like you get to know me a little better so thank you if you did ask me a question.