Nosh and Quaff Birmingham Restaurant Review

nosh and quaff

I love food.  There’s no denying that.  But I rarely get overly excited when a new restaurant comes to town because the menus seem pretty similar.  Nosh and Quaff however… another matter entirely.  I can’t tell you how much I’ve yearned for a decent Lobster restaurant in Birmingham City Centre.  I have higher expectations than most when it comes to lobster… I’ve lived and worked in Maine – the Lobster capital of America.  I’ve been to lobster shacks where you’ve picked your lobster and minutes later it comes out with fries, a bib and a bucket for you to put all the shell in once you’re done cracking it (p.s I couldn’t face picking my lobster from the tank and my friend did it for me!)

I had high expectations for Nosh and Quaff – after all it is the brain child of Aktar Islam the man behind Lasan Group which includes Lasan, Fiesta del Asado and Raja Monkey.  Aktar has of course added his own spin on traditional lobster.  The building that Nosh and Quaff is situated is really is spectacular.  To start with, it overlooks Victoria Square and the Grade II listed council house which is arguably one of the most beautiful buildings in Birmingham.  The inside boasts open brick work, marble covered walls with beautiful dark wood panels, a rather swanky bar made from bottles andred leather covered booths alongside the normal table dining experience.  There’s also a bar area upstairs if you fancy a quick tipple before your meal.

nosh and quaff menuThe menu is small – there’s only seven entrees on it – lobster, two types of burgers, hot dogs, wings or two types of ribs – along with a host of sides.  You get a bib tucked into your napkin which there’s no denying you’ll need if you’re having the lobster (or the ribs we found out).  There is a reason they’ve adopted the hashtag #LetsGetMessy!  In the end we went for the lobster, the beef ribs with sides of macaroni cheese, bloomin’ onion, sweet potato wedges and sweetcorn (there were four of us!)

The lobster at Nosh and Quaff comes to the table already cut in half which is perfect and saves you a a lot of work when scooping out the meat.  You still get the fun part of cracking open the claws (the best meat on the animal in my opinion).  It also comes with a buttery garlic sauce on the side meaning you can add as much or as little as you like.  You don’t even need it in my opinion, the lobster was as succulent as any lobster I’ve ever had in Maine before.  The fries on the side have the perfect amount of saltiness and crispiness to compliment the soft meat of the lobster nicely. The macaroni cheese was pure heaven; so creamy and cheesy – I’m sure there was far too much mozerella in there – just how I like it!  We also had a bloomin’ onion for the table but I was assured with crispy and delicious.

nosh and quaff ribsnosh and quaff tableRibs wise, one dining companion likened the beef ribs to ‘something that’s come from a dinosaur’ because they were that big (well they were from a cow!)  The beef slid right off the bones and because they were slow cooked in hickory sauce and molasses glaze, my goodness were they full of flavour!  They came with fries and ‘slaw on the side and defeated even the most hungry diner at the table.

Puddings wise, I recommend the Rocky Road – rich chocolate brownie, marshmallow, ice cream, nut brittle and heaps of chocolate sauce.  Adam wasn’t sure of his cheesecake which had be misconstructed with the biscuit on the top – you can’t win them all!

Overall we really liked the whole vibe at Nosh and Quaff.  The building and setting is beautiful and the food was great.  We’re really keen to go back with Adam’s parents as they’re big lobster (and Lasan) fans too.  If you’re in Birmingham anytime soon I’d highly recommend stopping by and checking out Nosh and Quaff.