Disney Wishlist #5

disney wishlist 5

Disney Advent Calendar | Villains Pyjamas | Belle Phone Case | Glass Stitch Figurine Minnie Mouse Dressing Gown | Wreck it Ralph Pin Christmas Snow Globe | Alice in Wonderland Pin

It’s 200 days (well it is when I’m writing this post) until I go to Disney World and I’m starting to get a bit excited.  Only 20 days until I can start making my dining reservations!!  So to tide me over I thought I’d throw together a Disney Wishlist…(whilst balling at ‘The Last Song’ by the way, but more on that in another post).

I know we haven’t gotten past Hallowe’en yet but I’m starting to get all those Christmas feels so I’ve included a few christmas-y items in the list.  To be fair, you need to buy the advent calendar before December starts so that’s the excuse I’m going with.  Of course it wouldn’t be a ‘LMC’ Disney wish list without a snow globe thrown in for good measure and I thought as I’ve already thrown Christmas out there, Im’a roll with it.

Also I need that limited edition Wreck it Ralph pin in my life.  Wreck it Ralph is one of my favourite Disney films and is ridiculously underrated.  I’m still holding out for a sequel with Ralph, Felix and Vanellope (and if you guys watched my latest youTube video, you know how much I usually dislike Disney sequels).

So those are my Disney picks.  Which one was your favourite?