Disney Vans Holiday Collection 2015

disney vans 1If you’re a Disney fan and haven’t been living under a rock for the last six months or so, you’ll know that Vans released a pretty epic collection of shoes with lots of different Disney prints on.  Well they’re back with their second collection and while nothing in the first convinced me to part with my hard earned cash (nearly but not quite) the second one is very different… I bought some on release day.

I opted for the (£52) because I loved the contrast between the black and white background and the pinks and purples of the Cheshire Cat himself.  Admittedly the Cheshire Cat ones weren’t my first choice Vans from this collection.  I actually wanted the Alice In Wonderland slip ons but having a UK size 7 foot, I feel that the slip on Vans make my feet look like gigantic boat feet whereas the lace ups make my feet look a lot smaller (or more close to their actual size anyway!)

I’m so in love with my choice though and I can’t wait to wear them when I visit Disneyland Paris next month and to Walt Disney World in Florida next April.  They’re incredibly comfy already and I’m sure with a bit more wearing in they’ll be perfect for exploring the parks in.

disney vans 2Disney Vans come in quite a few different character patterns now.  As well as the old styles which included Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Winnie the Pooh and Jasmine to name but a few, you can now get your hands on The Jungle Book collection and 101 Dalmatians too.  There’s some really nice high top Dalmatian ones I’m contemplating although I’m keen to see what else Disney and Vans will add in upcoming collections.

If you want to see me unboxing my Disney Vans, getting my first glimpse of them and trying them on for the first time, I uploaded a new video on my YouTube channel.  You can also see an up close look at the pattern.  Trust me, it’s a good’un and I’m so excited to wear them now.