My Secret about Soundtracks

movie soundtracksMy Secret about Soundtracks.

We’ve all got our personal quirks, it’s what makes us, us; unique and individual – because lets face it, life would be so boring if we were all the same.

A colleague stopped me at work while I had my headphones in the other week and asked me what I was listening too.  My reply was met with a confused, perplexed look.  I was listening to a song from the film Inception called ‘Time’.  No words, just music; dramatic movie music.

My Secret about Soundtracks

It was then that she discovered my secret: I’d rather listen to the score of a film rather than the latest chart music.  In fact I’m obsessed.  I love nothing more than when I’m driving to listen to my playlist filled with all my favourite soundtracks (or an audiobook).  I’m not ashamed of it – in fact I love to talk about different scores and dramatic music from specific scenes from my favourite films.  For me, it can make or break a film.

It’s actually one of the biggest things I have in common with Adam and the thing on the top of our ‘Bucket List’ is to see Hans Zimmer in concert with an orchastra.  Road trips together usually end up in an argument over who has the best movie soundtrack playlist. P.s It’s probably him as he is responsible for introducing me to some absolutely amazing pieces of music…. but don’t tell him that!

favourite movie soundtracks

Sometimes music is all you need to communicate – no words needed (which is a bizarre notion from a blogger haha!)  Maybe the love comes from my wish that my life was like it is in the movies, where in those dramatic moments, there is the right soundtrack playing the the background.

I have a playlist on Spoitfy which you can see HERE which has all my favourite tracks on including bits from Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and tons more… I’m adding to it each time I see a film with moving music.

Am I alone or is anybody else a bit of a soundtrack buff?