My Biggest Beauty Fails!


What’s you biggest beauty fail?

This post is totally inspired by the beautiful Anna from ViviannadoesMakeup who if not for the personal evidence she displayed, I would say has never had a beauty fail in her life – the beaut!

I’ve scoured the Facebook archives, because lets be honest circa 2007-10 ALL my life was documented on Facebook.  Oh and some gems did I come up with.

Possibly the best was the fake tanning of the body but not topping up the face as much… I started tanning back in the summer of 2009 and this was probably one of my first attempts.  Also check out the patchy neck… beautiful!

Another good one is the extreme false eyelashes.  I think the ones in this picture are the original Cheryl from Girls Aloud ones and I was obsessed with them.  Again I started wearing them in 2009 (big year for me by the sounds of it) but I didn’t realise I had to cut them down to fit my eyes.  Looking back at the photos they’re so obviously fake but not even in a good way!

The final beauty mishap was when I NEVER USE TO FILL IN MY EYEBROWS… WHURTTTTTTTT?!?!?!?!?!  How, how did I go 23 years of my life without doing this?  I can barely leave the house these days without filling them in.  And I had dyed dark brown hair… they just look so odd now.

So those are my biggest beauty fails.  Let me know what your biggest beauty fails are in the comments below… can you top the patchy tan? I’d pay good money to see what with!