Makeup For Ever HD High Definition Powder Review

Makeup For Ever HD PowderI think it’s safe to say that I’ve been a permanent member of the ‘I heart MUFE’ camp since I first tried their HD foundation way back in 2013.  A few weeks ago, I was also lucky to be given a makeup makeover at their new boutique store-within-a-store at Debenhams in Bullring.  I walked away with a whole host of new items for my makeup lust list and was lucky to receive a few of them from the lovely people at MUFE. One of them was the Makeup For Ever HD High Definition Powder.  

Out of all the products that I’ve been using, there’s one that I’m so obsessed with I cannot see my life without it ever again.  That product is the Makeup For Ever HD High Definition Powder.  A translucent, microfinish, white powder, this product is the answer to all my makeup setting dreams.

IMG_4422Being translucent, it doesn’t affect the colour of my foundation like other powders I’ve used in the past and you need the tiniest bit to cover the face.  To avoid using too much touch my brush into the pot with the smallest touch and then tap off any excess.  I then use it across my t-zone and on my chin to seal up any foundation/concealer and sometimes use it on my cheeks if I’ve overdone it with my blush – it happens!  This magic powder makes my makeup last all day – with zero shine across the usual areas.

So ladies, if you’re still trying to beat the summer shine (obviously not the good kind) then it’s certainly worth giving this baby a go.  You can pick it up from Makeup For Ever stores across the country or online from Debenhams for £22.  Ladies who are lucky enough to reside it countries when makeup heaven (read ) exists, well I’m sure this is already on your want list!