LMC’s had a bit of a Makeover!

LMC's had a bit of a makeover

LMC’s had a bit of a Makeover!

You may have noticed that it’s been a fairly quiet August over here at LMC.  Well I can now reveal the reason for that… LMC’s had a bit of a Makeover!  I’ve spent the majority of August working behind the scenes to come up with a new look blog with lots of new content.  I’ve also moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress (read how I did it here) which has given me, and my readers a lot more freedom when it comes to content.  I wanted to highlight the main changes so that you could all have a little snoop and see what you all think!

Post Categories

You’ll have noticed at the top of the page, the black header bar with my post categories in.  On my old blog I think I had about six categories that all my blog posts fit in to.  On the new look LMC I’ve broken these categories down even further after listening to my readers, some of whom only come to my blog for certain interests.  Now you won’t have to plough through all my lifestyle posts to find my recipes or all my disney posts when you’re just looking for Disneyland Paris tips.  Be sure to check out the new categories to find your favourite types of posts.  If you think I’m missing anything be sure to let me know!

“Read More” Button

As I love to add beautiful pictures to my posts, I realised that they can get quite lengthy which can be a nightmare and very frustrating for people with slow internet (own hand up here).  I’ve added a ‘read more’ feature to posts on my homepage so that my readers can skip straight to the posts they want to see without waiting for lots of pictures from other posts to load.  This is also a great counter for some of the new features I’ve added in which I hope won’t slow people down!

Footer Sliders

I’ve been working really hard on my Instagram pictures over the last couple of months and I’d love to show them off a bit more.  There’s now a slider on the bottom of my blog with my latest pictures in.  I also have it in my sidebar which will be going shortly after I’ve tried out the footer method.  Just above that there’s a ‘Where to next…’ slider that will show other posts that may be of interest to you… pretty clever huh?

I still have quite a bit of work to do in the background and in the front end of my blog.  There’s a few formatting issues and some pictures are playing up here and there so please bare with me for a month of so while I get these issues cleared up.  I’m working through them slowly around my job but I couldn’t wait to show you guys the new look!  I’m also looking to get my header redesigned but compared to the formatting, that’s low on the priority list!  A huge thanks to Pipdig for all his help!  I’d recommend Phil in a heartbeat if you’re looking for a new layout or help with migration.

I really hope you enjoy the new look LMC and find it easier to navigate.  I know I certainly do.  As always leave me any comments below letting me know what you think!