Fleur de Force Lashes by Eylure Review

fleur de force lashes

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year (or with no wi-fi connection – same thing really?) you’ll know that there has been a sharp rise in YouTuber and product collaborations.  I actually think this one is my favourite yet – Fleur De Force has teamed up with Eylure to create a range of false eyelashes for all occasions.  As a huge fan of false eyelashes and Fleur, this excites me greatly!  Quick backstory about my love for Eylure lashes – I first dabbled in false eyelashes at university and was obsessed with the Cheryl from Girls Aloud ones.  I wore them every single night I went out and would reuse them over and over – such good value for money.  I then switched to the Kimberley ones as they were a little more natural and have used them ever since.  They’re becoming quite hard to get hold of now so I’m thankful that Fleur’s have arrived just in time before my final Kimberley set see their final outing.

I picked up three sets to try – ‘Simply Fleur’, ‘Fleur Loves’ and ‘Fleur and Fabulous’.  I didn’t pick up the individuals because I’m more of a strip lash girl and quite simply, I do not have the patience for them.  I love the pastal packaging and it sits beautifully with Fleur’s brand and the book that she released earlier this year.

So far I’ve tried out two of the three sets.  The first is ‘Fleur Loves’ – an uber glamorous but still very natural pair that I’d recommend for nights out.  I wore them on my birthday and they even survived the cry fest that was Les Mis!  They were comfortable to wear and easy to apply.  Even though they were 3/4 length, I still needed to cut them down as I have tiny eyes but it was no hassle and they ends didn’t fray one bit.  I got three wear out of the lashes before I thought it was time to call it a day for them.  I’ll certainly be repurchasing.

fleurdeforce lashes 2

I’ve been wearing ‘Simply Fleur’ (see picture above)on a more daytime basis and they could quite possibly be the comfiest lashes ever!  Again I need to cut them down to make them fit but I’ve gotten four wears out of them – although they have finally bitten the dust.  I’ve been wearing them recently to film videos in.  I’m not blessed with long, curly lashes; mine and short and stumpy but even these subtle falsies give me the illusion of thick and full lashes without looking fake.  I really like ‘Simply Fleur’ because of this reason and again I’m definitely going to be picking up another set.

My top tip for applying false lashes is after applying the glue, wave them around for about 15 seconds before trying to apply.  The glue becomes more tacky and they don’t slide over your lids.  Also if you’re going to use a mascara after to blend everything together, leave it as long as you possibly can (at least 10 minutes) to make sure the glue has dried properly.

Overall I’m really impressed with these lashes.  I knew I would be – it is Eylure & Fleur de Force after all.  They’re available from FeelUnique for £5.95.  I’m looking forward to trying the last pair I bought, ‘Fleur & Fabulous’.  I’m just waiting for the perfect occasion for ultra glam lashes. I don’t think work is quite going to cut it for them!