It’s become a bit of a tradition on my blog to acknowledge and post on my birthday (albeit a lad late this year I know…)  Last year on my 25th I wrote about all the things I’d learnt in my 25 years on this earth.  The year before I wrote a round up post about my quiet birthday celebrations.

This year I thought we’d have a little chat about life.  My 25th year has been interesting to say the least… actually that’s a bit of an understatement; it’s been one turbulent rollarcoaster of emotions.  I learnt a lot about myself and those around me.  Many of my readers know that I ended things with my partner of three years last September after finding out some interesting information.  What followed was the toughest couple of months of my life where I had to pick myself back up and find my feet, a new place to live and myself because I’d gotten lost somewhere in the process.

Trying to find your self worth after that (I think we can all guess what without me saying the words) happens can be tough.  When you’ve had the rug pulled from under your feet, your plan and life has gone up in flames it can be hard to find your ‘happy’ again.

But that is just what I did.

It was hard.  I was lucky be surrounded by kind people who helped me to pick myself up.  They listened to my problems, they took me out so I wouldn’t be on my own and when I made important life decisions they supported me and assisted where they could.  I also lost some people along the way but I also learned who’s going to be there when I need them.

And then I met Adam and 25 went from being the worst year of my life to being pretty darn good again.  It sounds super cheesy but we just clicked and he was responsible for the final pull away from all the sadness that I had felt before.

So today (ok not today but Thursday just gone!), on my 26th birthday I can say I’m genuinely happy again.  I’ve met somebody who’s in tune with me, who is kind and loving and is whisking me away for a birthday surprise… seriously I have no idea where we’re going!  I’m surrounded by loving friends and family who have given me no end of support and have made me laugh and smile to no end.  I have a good job and lovely housemates who welcomed me into their home when I really needed to escape mine…. oh and last night I got my haircut (the little things!)

I guess what I’m trying to say is, no matter how bad things get, there’s hope.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel and time is the only way you will find it (biggest cliche ever but SO true!)

So see ya later 25.  I’m proud to say I’ve weathered your storm and I’m ready to welcome 26 with open arms – even if this does mean I’m closer to 50 that my birth *sob*.