Things that have made me happy lately #6

1) Going to TN’s childhood friends wedding and watching him and his fiancée each marry the love of their lives.  Having people around you who you love really is the most important thing in the world.  We were cruelly reminded of that this week with the devastating events in Tunisia.

2) Post wedding garden parties with good friends, good food and bouncy castles.  My bruised knees had a whale of a time.

3) Meeting a lot of TN’s friends and being made to feel at ease straight away.  That might be down to the alcohol or it might be down to the fact that they’re just a really nice bunch of people.  It’s so scary walking into a wedding full of people that you barely know and having to do your best to make a great first impression.

4) Summertime finally arriving here in the UK. The sun, the warmth.  I’m loving everything about it!

5) Catching up with the girls for brunch in one of or favourite brunch spots (review soon).  It’s amazing to be part of a set of friends who can all go off and lead their won lives, but get us back together and nothing has changed.  I’ve learned that that’s how adult friendships are and I’m really OK with that.

6) Iced Strawberry Lemonade from Costa.  YUMMY! It’s not on the menu but if you ask them they’ll make it for you!

7) Finally booking a holiday.  I’ll be saying hello to Portugal a little later on in the year.

8) Convincing TN that disneyland Paris is going to be a good idea in Autumn.  IT’S HAPPENING!!!!

9) Wimbledon starting.  The one sporting event I’ll always make time to watch every year!  Looking forward to watching the final with some friends and wine in the sunshine next week!

10)  Finally getting into the habit where I’m not counting down the days until payday.  It feels so good!!