A Day in Lyme Regis by the Sea

Yesterday we donned our shorts and sunscreen and headed to the little coastal town of Lyme Regis for a day filled with sun, sea and seagulls that steal food (more on that later!)  There’s a few pictures in this post but very little editing to them as they really do speak for themselves.

Whilst visiting my mum who now lives in Somerset, we decided to head over to Lyme Regis as the weather was so nice.  So we packed ourselves a picnic, loaded the doggies into the car and made the 40 minute journey to the quaint little coastal town in Dorset which is also part of the Jurassic coast.  The town itself is based on hills and seaside cliffs and is full of windy roads and cute streets.   The main high street veers down towards the seafront and houses everything from little independent shops to household high street names.

We parked just off the high street and made our way down to the prominard to the dog friendly beach (basically the one that they are allowed to go on) and spent an hour sitting amongst the sand, trying to skim rocks off the top of the sea and enjoying a family picnic.  It was the first time that The Northerner had met some of my extended family so it was a nice relaxed environment for them to get to know him.  We also took a walk down ‘The Cobb’ which appears to have started out life as a sea defence system and has continued it’s use as well as becoming home to a small marina for boats to come in and out of.  The Lifeboats are also very prominent on the area with displays happening all over the summer holidays.

After lunch we headed onto the main beach so my cousins (and me) could play in the sand.  My mum, aunt and the dogs took up tenancy on the beach wall where dogs are allowed to stay on one side and we relaxed in the gorgeous weather and went and dipped our toes in the ocean.  Lyme Regis beach is not only beautiful but also very clean and the views are spectacular.  Like a typical seaside tourist town, there’s also lots of shops on the beach selling everything from ice cream, to fish and chips, buckets and spades to surf boards. Just be careful with food around the seagulls ads my younger cousin learnt when a seagull swooped down and took her sandwich from her hand and casually flew off with it.


Lyme Regis is certainly one of the loveliest beaches I’ve been too in the West Country and the town obviously take pride in it.  I’d love to come back and spend some more time here and maybe join the fossil hunt a little further down from the main beach.  As it was the first real day of the summer holidays it was fairly busy but there was still enough room for families to relax and play and spend quality time with each other.  There’s also lifeguards on duty during the summer months so a splash around in the sea is possible for those that are a little nervous going into the water without that extra protection.

Have you visited Lyme Regis or any other part of the Dorset coast line?